Are soccer players being over paid compared to rugby players?


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I don't think you can compare, soccer players are not paid for their exertions on the pitch.Players such as David Beckham and Ronaldinhio are probably worth what they are payed( I mean in a economic sense, the clubs revenues will rise by more than the cost of employing the player if he plays)
However other soccer players are grossly over paid simply to keep in line withe their compatriots.
Of course from an ethical point of view all socer players are way overpaid and possibly the top earners in rugby are also.
However from an economic point of view the top players in soccer are worth more than the top players in rugby

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Very much so.

Only for the rugby players in America to answer this question !?

i think the payment depends on the popularity of the sport, the beautiful game (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. more companies are sponsoring and pouring money into it and therefore the football teams are able to give higher wage to the players. i can name more than 50 football players, rugby i can name probably one, Jonah Lomu. so i don't think they're overpaid.

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Well as a rugby player myself i have to say that soccer players get more (maybe 10 times more) salary than Rugby for why?? simply because of sponorship and soccer being the worlds most famous sport

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They definetely do,when you go out on a rugby field,your going out to war with 14 of your soldiers!!You have to be brave and tough to play this game and personally I think they should get paid a lot more...but most of the time its not even about the money.Its about the pride and respect...

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The best actors are generally paid the most - aren't they?? Soccer players are bigger girls than rugby players - rugby players take way more physical abuse on the field!! I think all sportsmen are overpaid, but soccer players in particular.

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