An early apology to welshchick and any other soon to be tearfull taffys?

as the champions of the world are finally showing what their made of, i feel it only fair to offer my sympathy for the maner in which we will tonk you by..bring on the kiwis?


What was the score last year when Wales and Scotland met in the 6 nations?

Why TF single me out? WTF!
I have invested in many boxes of Kleenex for the ready!
Your sympathy is gratefully received!
But as for "bring on the kiwis.."
dream on my ole enemy...dream on!

Rugby lovers...which do you think is more dangerous - Rugby League or Union...tell me why?

i think that the only way for welsh rugby to go anywhere now will be if england do to them what ireland did to england. ouch

best of luck!

In croke park (ireland) who was the cusack stand called after and why?

beware the welsh backlash, we're the under dogs and your comin in our back yard, but havin said that with captian crap at the helm, the team got no fire in their bellys. alfie for captain

Who will the 49ers draft this years?

As an Irish person who has watched all the matches in the 6 nations I have to say i fancy Wales to win on Saturday.

England are no where near as good as they think they are, remember Dublin. Also Wales are much better than their performances so far indicate and I predict they will finally get it right on Saturday.

The one big plus for England is the abscence of Mike Tindall who has been simply abysmal all throughout the championship.
However they still have a number of weaknesses and a number of they players they have brought in have been over hyped. Firstly Mike Catt, a brilliant player but how can anyone say his performance last week was brilliant, however undoubtedly has the ability to prove me wrong and if he does England will win, Secondly Nick Easter does not impress me at 8 and finally England still do not have a full back I can see Cueto being a huge liability. Do you ye want Geordan Murphy we are not using him right now!

I am trying to register a club in Ireland. I need to know the name of the organisation to register with?


dont tempt fate mate,its not over untill tha fat lady sings as they say.I think england will win but not by much.

Where can I watch rugby or AFL on American TV?

30 point win, Whatever it is you're on can you share it with the rest of us.
I'm welsh and a realist. Neither team has performed well this six nations (Don't forget England still have only 3 wins from their last 12 games). It's going to be a close call. But at least for this one Wales have a capt. who can lead and a F/H who can kick and take the ball on.

Who will win Dubai 7's this weekend?

U sound like you know as much about rugby as your parents were to using contraceptives as you were concieved by mistake.

Who will be in the Super 14s semi-finals and which 2 teams will get the home draws?

Never underestimate a team until the match starts! Form is not everthing, look at the Italians, on paper they should be wooden spoons again and Ireland / France should be competing for the Grand Slam.
I am English, yes i would love to see the Taffs beaten by a 30 point + margin, but I do not think it likely.
Against the Kiwi's we have two choices, NO hope and maybe a little hope that they play their second or third choice team!!

Who has been the greatest roosters player?

Now captain crap is out,Hook is at outside half, and Alfie is back, we'll murder you. long as we don't get a fu*king cheating English ref again!

Im 6'5'' 225lbs, whut position could i play and would i be a good rugby player given my size and skills

'Tisho bet Sais? Dim ffwc o beryg'.
Wanna bet Englishman? No way.

You can't even spell 'manner' in your own language!

List all Youth rugby clubs in Bristol?

as a south african and bok supporter, im putting my money on wales.they´re wounded, desperate to avoid the wooden spoon, they´re in their back yard and they´re a proud people.that is a combination of factors that has to see them through to a victory.i take nothing away from englands victory last week.i cheered for them so that their victory over the french would help ireland.

wales and scotland to win !!

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