Are Wigan going to go down?


Did the referees cost us the match against the Kiwis in the Tri-Nations?


Which is much more 'violent' HAKA or TONGA 'war cry'?why?


As i said and proven wrong when will Italy win the 6 nations PS who will win the world cup?

sure why not

What are some names for Rugby teams?

I really hope not, but it wasn't a good result today. We should be beating Harlequins! Bring on Brian Noble. One die hard Wigan fan. Even if we do, don't worry we've been there before, we will bounch straight back up.WIGAN, WIGAN, WIGAN, WIGAN, WIGAN>

Can anyone tell me who proposed the league of nations?

Yeah they will :(

Mow much do i need to work out when cycling creatine?


Your forecast for the 6 Nations' winner?


But Wigan Athletic ARE NOT!

Ollie what? who played for england when we won the six nations?

If this is Upnunder Wigan then I say Yes otherwise I say no

What is the difference in the engage super league and the powergen cup?

Hopefully not Saints would be better.

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