Can people weighing under 130 pounds play sports like rugby or row crew?


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rugby--if you are fast, then that can be an advantage.
row crew--if you are light, yet very strong, that can be an advantage.

anyway, do a sport because you love it, not because of your body shape.

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Rugby is the world's most dangerous team game : little blokes (like Pirrie deVilliers, the great Springbok scrum-half survived in the old days, and so did Daanie Craven)
and you can play amateur club rugby at the lower levels and still have fun, but today at pro level, I don't think such a size would get picked.

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if you are fast and agile and can take a hit try out for 7's rugby.

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Absolutely - in rugby you tend to hit your opposite number the most, and positions are selected more or less by size. The forwards all tend to be large, but the scrum half (#9) is usually shorter, though stocky, and the wings (#11 and #14) are usually slightly built and fast.

Crew and rugby aren't terribly similar, but for crew, there's always cockswain.

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Yes you could play scrum half or wing

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yea sure you can play rugby, in NZ there is weight restriction rugby where all players must weigh under 75Kg to be eligible to play and that is from the prop to the wing and the wing tends to be under 60kgs, dont let size be a factor for your enjoyment for the game played in heaven.

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I know absolutely nothing about rowing, but maybe you could be the Cox(the guy who yells "Stroke!" and sits at the front of the boat). In Rugby you'd be the perfect Hooker, he the little guy in the middle of the scrum that has to kick the ball back to his team. At 130lbs(60Kg) you'd be easy to pick up, I hope your fast though at that size if not at the very least quick.

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How big is your heart? That's all that matters!

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yes, i played rugby in college at 115 lbs. - i was weak wing and inside center , the bigger girls couldn't catch me

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any body can play rugby no mater what size

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You are too small for rugby and rowing but you might be light enough to be cox.

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The beauty of rugby is that anyone can have a go! Someone weighing under 130 pounds can play as scrum half. The scrum half is the player who collects the ball from the ground and decides whether to pass it to the forwards (the big guys) or to the backs (the fast guys). In this position you need not worry about the big forwards, as these will be taken care of by your pack of forwards.

Have a go at it, mate! It's great fun.
Good luck

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