A World Cup Champion rugby team vs a Super Bowl Champion team...?


15-0 i cant keep up with this do you think that England should go home now to save further embarrassment?

Rugby would beat a superbowl team down it contains 15 players and contain 2 halfs each of 40 min with a 2 minute break in between they play full out with no stopping bonly of there is a injury they play to win South Africa is the best team I have ever seen play big meat eating boys ' Boere '

What is the biggest website for international news about Rugby Union ?

Depends what you mean.if you mean who is the toughest it would be the rugby team - much less money, no helmets, very thin padding and contsant impact for 80 minutes!

What was the score for the welsh crawshays against the lobos in mexico at the UNM football staium on the 10th?

it would be brilliant, combining rules and gear for a spectacle

Who is going to win castleford tigers or wakefield wildcats??

That would be FUN

We had a rugby match today and..?

rugby team would win in rugby; football team would win in football; these sports aren't that similar

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