Anyone know whats the best way to weight train for a forward in rugby, just starting weights?


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Riggggggght you play the same position as me and the same height so here goes. You will need a gym.

You have to remember that in the forwards that fitness is equally imprtant as weights and putting on size.

Interval training is the most imprtant access of fitness for forwards because its stop/start/stop/start.
You will need a rugby pitch.
1. sprint to 22 m line, walk back lie on chest.
2. straight back up off chest, sprint to 10m line, walk back
3. same for 50m, then opposite 10m, 22m, and try line.

Do this 5 time, your rest is your walk back. Starting on your chest imrpoves your acceleration.

Okk weights wise,
if you're a forward then back and shoulders is of the highest importance. Chest should be done in lower frequency.

Legs. Gym needed.

60kg on leg extension (7 reps), straight into 60kg on squats (10reps), straight into 10 power jumps, with 10 kg in each hand, straight into 2 minutes bike climb on highest effort level.

Repeat this 3 times, it'll kill ya ;)

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Forwards need good legs for the drive needed in a scrum. You need to do lots of squats with weight. Work the upper legs as much as possible to be able maintain as much leverage as possible while in the scrum.

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I'm a Rugby Football Union Level 2 Coach who has been involved with players Under 16 to under 19. The best book on the subject of fitness for rugby is by Chris Sheryn, called "Rugby for Real" which goes through step by step how to attain the fitness levels you require specific to rugby. It even goes through a programme when you do not have access to a gym.

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Lots of squats. It's the best all around power exercise for props and hookers. Lift for power, keep your weight high and your reps low ( if you can do more then 8 reps, increase the weight) Squats,not only great for the legs, but also your torso. A powerful lower back will add years to your rugby life in the front row. Also, get a spotter who knows proper form. As a rookie with weights, it's important to know that a good squat is the best, but a bad squat is the worst.

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