Are the Boks favourite 2 win the world cup since they dominated the super 14 or are the all blacks still favou


Rugby Union supporters?

Once again the All Blacks are expected to win, but we've all been down this road before. They always seem to come up short at the worst time. I was at the 1999 semis. when they got beaten up by France. Everyone left the stadium with a look of shock on their face, like they just witnessed a nuclear blast in a heavily populated area. (myself included I'm sure). Good Luck with your team. I'm from the U.S. so luck won't help.

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If that reasoning is correct then watch out for England as well. Three English clubs contested the Heineken Cup semis and the performance of Leicester in the league final and Wasps in the HC final proves that the game isn't in a bad state there either.

SA are obviously up there with the best of them at the moment but you're going to have to consider New Zealand as the best team on the planet until someone, France, SA, Australia or England, most likely in my opinion, proves otherwise.

Take a look at the world rankings on - they're not the be all and end all but New Zealand are still sitting pretty at the top of the world rankings and by a long way.

They can be beaten... at least I hope they can or this will be a one sided world cup.

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Despite the All Blacks having been labelled in the past as chokers I do believe this is their year!

They have a combination of the best players in the world, best coaching team, best resources, best intl test wins in the past few years and have planned their build-up to the 2007 RWC to perfection.

Altho the Springboks use of huge powerhouse forwards, a few dynamic individual backs and their unpredictable style of play may upset the more clinical and mechanical style of the All Blacks I can guarantee depth, adaptability, composure and experience will see the AB's hoist the holy grail after a drought of 20 years!

The little nation of New Zealand will be set alight with sporting elation come October!

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no all blacks will be favourites a lot of their players were missing from their clubs at the start of the season but as they always do they will choke

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interesting question! ABs still favoured by bookmakers

but boks showed that they are not invincible

it will come down to who peaks at the right time
- ABs, France, Boks and even England / Aus / Ireland could all take it on the day

there is not a lot of difference between these teams at the top

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The AB's are still the team to beat to win the World Cup.

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New Zealand 2/5
France 7/1
South Africa 7/1
Ireland 12/1
Australia 14/1
England 20/1
Wales 25/1
Argentina 40/1
Scotland 200/1
Italy 300/1
Samoa 500/1
Fiji 1000/1
Tonga 1000/1
Canada 2000/1
Georgia 2000/1
Japan 2000/1
Namibia 2000/1
Portugal 5000/1
Romania 5000/1
USA 5000/1

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Super 14 domination doesn't neccessarily translate into World Cup glory, the ABs of 2003 and 1999 can testify to that. SA will be strong without doubt, as will France on their home turf. I'm hoping that this tournament will be better than the Cricket World Cup, with lots of unpredictable results.
I'm picking Argentina to run either Ireland or France very close in pool play, and Wales for an upset over Australia.

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Well Boks and Politics kind of rhyme and the 2 seem to go well together in SA rugby so no the Bok don't have a chance as there is no room for politics in rugby.

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The Springboks rule! With the sharks and bulls in the team i think the All Blacks need to practise a little harder. But you should never under estamate a team so The Boks have to give their best to end first in the World cup.

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