Can the Springboks win the world cup later this year ?


Ireland Rugby Union Internationals?

south africa are deffinitly in with a chance. still the all blacks would be the mayor threat to the boks. the good results in the super 14 helped a lot for the boks quest to glory. before the semi final our chances to actually lift the web ellis trophy was 7/1 and after the 2 semi's our chances is 5/1. the all black coach also admited that only the boks can beat them in the great game of rugby union. and we are set for one hell of a tournament!! if all goes acourding to the boks and all blacks plans, we will only meet in the final ! and that would be any rugby supporters bigest dream of seeing these two giants battle it out for the trophy. so with a bit of luck and no injuries, YES, we can win the world cup !!

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why not

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Are Wigan going to go down?

OO JA!! We played well!!That is a score record against England!

How many people are really watching rugby world cup this year?

I think the Springboks will get to the semi-finals but i dont think they will lift the webb ellis trophy. i think they will easily beat england as they did today but i think they will lose to the winner of group D (either France or Ireland)

I think the most important match of the world cup will be the match between Ireland and France in the group stages. In my opinion the three favourite teams for the world cup are New Zealand, France and although people say they dont perform on the big occasions i think Ireland will perform well.

The all blacks will easily win their group and any match prior to facing either of these teams but the French and the Irish are grouped together (along with argentina). The runner up in this group will have to face the kiwi's in the quarter finals, while the winners of the group have a relatively easy run to the final. Playing either Italy or Scotland in the quarters (toss a coin) and either South Africa (physically strong but technically weak) or England (who have been rubbish lately) in the semi finals.

Whoever faces New Zealand in the quarters, i feel will be steam rolled as the kiwi's will be set on getting to the final and winning the competition and they certainly have the quality but when they get to the final its another matter. anything can happen in the final.

I hope it will be a New Zealand v Ireland final as i think it would be a great spectical of a game. the Irish backs on their day are at least equal to the best in the world with O'Driscoll and D'arcy in the centre, Hickie and Horgan on the wings, O'Gara and Stringer in supply and Dempsy(most under rated member of the team) behind at full back.

I feel if the Irish play to their potential it could be one of the greatest matches of all time but i still think that New Zealand are too strong for everyone in the competition. (sadly for the Irish)

What the rest of you think?

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