??what is the national sport of Australia?


How bad do injuries get in top level rugby?

Beer drinking.

Is there any station on US television that shows the English Super League?


Who won the Rugby Calcutta cup in 2000?


Who will win today's rugby match between the Frenc and the Springbucks?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Shoot the Roos.

James Hook?

having to swim,baseball,basketball,hocke... ball,soccer,wrestling kangaroos?i give up.my best answer is rugby.

Tri Nations or Six Nations?

Rugby, but basketball is very popular too. Cricket and soccer and big favorites too.

I have a State of Origin Rugby ball from Australia...pretty cool.

Who is the record holder for scoring in the six nations?

aussie rules

Is garth edwards the rugby player dead ?

got to be rugby!

Where can I buy original Adidas NZ All Blacks jersey in Singapore, besides the Canterbury shop at Hereen?

Whatever they are able to beat New Zealand and South Africa in .. so that wipes rugby off the list!

How about?

Aussie rules, cricket, rugby league and rugby union in that order for viewing figures

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