Can shania twain email the song(from this moment)?


Who is the best idol for a 15 years oldie's ruggers?

I think shania has better things to do than email her fans some music.

England v All Blacks?

I don't think she can.

6 nation tickets Scotland V Ireland 10th March?

ask jeves...
or buy a magic 8 ball and ask it!

Who watched the tri-nations final?

I highly doubt she'd want to waste her time emailing her fans...sorry!

Why is there a rose on the england rugby shirt?

WOW...there are just too too too many things wrong with either the way that question was asked...or the question itself. Might I recommend a dictionary, or maybe some common sense?

Do you think argentina should have joined the tri-nations?

Probably not.

Does anybody play rugby or hurling?

Why can't people put questions in the correct area?

How do you kick for goal, in rugby union, NOT soccer. like some tips and hints?

well, i don't think that she will, because first, she will never see this because she don't have time too. sorry, but also even if she saw it she wouldn't do it, because she don't have enough time. but you can go and buy it from any online stores like from Yahoo for example. there is alot others that you can find for other companies or from her website.

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