Can you score points against your own team in Rugby union?


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Yes, it is possible!

A defending player could deflect a wayward drop-goal attempt by an opponent. If the ball then went over the bar and between the posts, it would count.

However, there is no rugby equivalent of a "safety" in American Football, where a player tackled in his own end zone concedes two points.

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Certainly not a try, you'll just go back for 22 drop-out or a 5-yard scrum, I suppose you might be able to if you kick the ball through your own posts, but I don't see how you could by accident

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No, but advantage can be given away allowing the opposing team to score. If by some freak accident you kick the ball between your own posts the ball is deemed as dead. This will result in a 5 meter scrum to the opposition.

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no. If you put the ball down inside your own scoring area (ie behind the try line) the ball is dead. It prevents the other side scoring and does not score on their behalf.

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no, if you were to take the ball over your own line it is a 5m scrum to the other team, if you were to for some reason drop kick the ball over your own posts the same scenario would occur

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plain and simply, no
ive played it all my life, i know what im talkign about

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No, its not, if the ball is grounded behind your own goal line, its a goal line drop out, if it is kicked behind the dead ball line, it is also a goal line drop out, whether it goes through the posts or not.

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