Is it a good idea for a girl to play rugby?

Question:i play all the time with my guy friends and they said i should join the team cause im not afraid to get hurt
but even though im good is it a good idea for me to play on the team in real games instead of just playin in the backyard with my guys friends


Is anyone free to play rugby in Suffolk this weekend?

why not? Unkkown to some arrogant fools, rugby is NOT a rough game and anyone can play it!

Where to buy cleats?


Hull kingston rovers / will they get up?

It's a good idea for a girl to do anything she is capable of doing. Just make sure your parents have good medical insurance! Good luck.

Whom do you think will win the super 14?

It depends on you, some girls could kick some guys buns. The problem is that the guys would problably single you out and harrass you increasing your chances of getting hurt, unfortunatly it is just guys nature.

What do guys think of girls who play rugby?

That probably depends on who you are playing with and how physical it gets. You'll get some great exercise, but there's a risk involved, especially if you're playing with a lot of bigger, stronger folks.

Who is the greatest rugby player of the last decade?

why the hell not! go for it!

Has anyone got the 1976/77 1st division tables for English Rugby League ?

why not?

Where can i get pink soccer boots in the range of sizes 9 - 10 in singapore other than queensway?

why not. girls play rugby all the time. you can even watch women's rugby on t.v. ..forgot the channel. but check out your cable or satellite and you'll find rugby, women's and mens on everyday!



why wouldn't you ..girls can play at as good or better level as men..a lot of places now have womans teams too

Will anyone else really miss the Heineken Cup next season?

Yes it is. I play on a Mens team that has three female coaches who play for the nationally ranked MN Valkyries.

One for the Rugby Union fans?


Ok, where in Kosice, in the East of Slovakia, can I watch the 6 Nations rugby?

its ok to play rugby
am learnin rugby too trust me am a girl
its okay to play

How much do british rugby players earn per week or year? ...players for Sale, the Swansea Ospreys ...etc?

why not if thay like it

Who else wants to smash a French person in the face ?

Its k if your a tough girl not ok if your a lil twig.. n dont have no muscle like one anwser was their couches were women i bet those women r tough as hell. alo depends on who your playin with

Am i able to watch australian rugby league on american TV? If so, which channel covers it?

yes thats fine i know plenty of girls that play

Uncontested scrums?

YES! definetly, im captain of the national u-16 guys team, and a few of my mates that are girls play on the gals squad and its very, very kewl

go for it

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