Question:In my opinion Americans are the most competitve peoples in the world, especially in something they love doing. So my answer for the equation above obviously is A+R=DOMINATION! I play both especially here in Northern California where there is lots of rugby, unlike other nations where there is no or really less AF.

The game of Gridiron is a very tougph (mentally,physically,emotional... sport, but if you want to talk about fun I love to admit that rugby is a damm fun sport to play. I believe if rugby was ever to be a favorite American sport we would dominate the game, and the mindset of how the game is played would end up changeing (ex. the way you run the ball, and it would be more strategics). I hope someday it would be so, and it would be the 1924 Olympics all over again,


Four Horsemen?

I think rugby is great, it's too bad it's not more popular in the US. But as all the soccer fans can tell you, you can't force Americans to like anything. After all, for every good sport we have like football, we have three crappy ones like NASCAR, WWE (not even a sport, really), professional bass fishing, etc.

How many lucky people got a full ticket of the 6 nations?

Rugby's lame. It's just wrestling in the mud basically.

Bristol Rugby FC. Whereabouts is their ground??

rugby is very demanding on the entire body physically.
yes we would dominate only because it wolud become a political game and the usa is becoming a communistic state the same thing we have been fighting against for the last 100 years

Please explain a line-out & a scrum to me..?

America + Rugby= American football

Dates for 6-Nations Rugby 2007series.?

Hospital, do you really think they could play our game without alot of padding and a helmet, sitck to american football.

Does anyone know who was in the o2 blueroom pre and post match yesterday, England v Scotland??Thanks (3/02/07)

America+Rugby= Old Boys club for rich dudes with no one welcome from minorities, unless you are Samoan. Hence there is no rugby on regular cable, just overpriced premium networks and pay-per-view,

Who else thinks rugby is boring?

I agree with you totally!!
If you look at the countries that dominate the sport today, it's mostly countries who (with the possible exception of Australia) don't feature at all at the Olympic Games!!South Africa, New Zealand,Wales, Argentina,France,etc. New Zealand has four or five million people and they totally dominate rugby!!

The USA would,if rugby were an Olympic sport and popular in the States, have the pick of track & field athletes, NFL rejects, basketball players,etc. New Zealand have the fastes backline in world rugby...can you imagine a backline where everybody runs the 100m in under 10 seconds!? Can you imagine locks with the height and spring of an NBA superstar?Your line-outs would be one-sided. What about 300 pound linebackers that run 40 yards in 4 seconds? Put three in your front-row and you'll annihilate EVERYBODY, even the All Blacks at scrum time!!Matches would be so lopsided, America would be forced to split up and play as individual states, and even then only the All Blacks MIGHT be able to compete.Who knows...this might be why the IRB doesn't like spreading the rugby gospel.

Is Dan Carter genetically the most perfect human being?

I agree, and would like to add an additional aspect of rugby that will help it grow quickly to the point that the US starts to dominate. a) the culture b) the cost.

America is in desparate need of the kind of sports culture we had back in the 50s and earlier. You just have to read the press to realize that people are getting extremely sick of spoiled professional sports players cheating, dealing in drugs, and participating in illegal activities. Youth rugby is growing in the US because it is seen to teach the kinds of behaviors we all wish our kids would copy.

Rugby is cheap, compared to many American sports you can start up local teams with very little investment. Title 1 schools, inner city schools, and groups like boys & girls clubs are shutting facilities and programs right and left. I just did a presentation to a group of school administrators and they can get a full rugby league up and running for less cost than kitting out a single gridiron team would cost.

These issues will make sure that rugby gains momentum, it may grow slowly, but it is growing and once Americans take a sport seriously, we dominate. Give it 20 years.

In a recent World Cup (1999?) I believe Australia had an English-born prop forward playing for them. Can anyon

Actually the equation was: America + Canada = Rugby---->
North American Football---->American Football +Canadian Football + Rugby. Where did all this originate ? Well, back in 1874 a group of Rugby/Football players at McGill University and another at Harvard met and played three times. I believe Harvard won two games and McGill one, though the rules to be used in each game were decided beforehand, there being no Union or federation to establish rules, and there being differences in the Canadian and American camps.
The U.K. Rugby Union was established in 1871, so the game was probably brought to Canada by the military (?), and by the various streams of U.K. immigrants to the U.S. (?) to be taken up in each case by East Coast Colleges, and spread from there. A centenary game was played at McGill in 1974 against a visiting Harvard team (McGill won 6-0), and thus a home-and-away series was begun and continues to this day Play is for the Covo Trophy, in memory of Peter Covo, McGill Rugby Coach for many years, who died in 1973.

Where can I see a Rugby game in Ireland in March?

Hmm interesting comments. I personally think rugby is much more interesting than gridiron which seems to go on forever and you have special kickers that only come on to...kick!! Makes me laugh.playing rugby required much more mental, physical and emotional than gridiron surely!! And they have to pass the ball backwards, while running forwards...I think many would struggle with that concept.

It should be included in the olympics, or at leasts 7's rugby. The rugby world cup is the 3rd most watched sports event (after football world cup and olympics) so there is a massive following. However I don't think many americans will play it, even if they had the chance because with the limited protection available (as opposed to ice hockey and gridiron), few would wish to damage themselves.

If you are a rugby player can you tackle a Yukozuno (sumo wrestling champion)?

Until there are more youth rugby leagues instituted in the United States, rugby will not be as big as American Football. In other countries, children start playing rugby at a young age. In America, most people don't start playing rugby until college. I started that way. I love the sport, but face it... ruggers in America are young to the sport.

Yes it is physically demanding on the body, however, so is boxing, but we have junior boxing leagues with helmets... Young children can wear scrum caps and IRB regulation shoulder pads.

My answer is this... yes Americans are very competitive... in sports we know and love. Rugby isn't one of those sports that Americans know and love. It's just another sport that people in America look at like a confused dog, like Cricket.

Think about it... American Football isn't popular in other countries... same goes for Rugby in America...

How do you kick for goal, in rugby union, NOT soccer. like some tips and hints?

you retards think that americans are the only ones that can run fast, jump high and quote 300 pounds run 40 yards in 4 secs.

Id like to see the fat basstard do it for 80 mins with no time outs.

And you cant run your *** down the field while the defenders are knocked out of the way then catch the footy. you first have to break the defence from behind the play( all passes have to go backwards) then out pace remainding defenders and then get downward pressure onthe ball over the line.

if all that doesnt work you then have to turn straight around with no time outs or entire team swap and defend your own line. (with no helmet)

Its a entirely different game and if you americans think you can stratagise a 40min halve of footy at a time with no breaks you will get smashed it cant happen

it a spur of the moment game with and relies on skill and the ability to crteate opportunities as well as speed and strength

america+rugby=just another bare bum in the shower

untill kids are playing from 6yrs old you have got nothing

and when you get the hang of that game try rugby league

I wanna watch rugby online?

I live in america. And i love to play rugby. The only thing is when you try to get a fun game going everybody is scared. They think it is just like footbal but without pads. Which is not true. It is probably one of the best sports in the world.


What are the rules of Rugby and how do you play?

I completely agree, If Rugby can become a serious alternative to professional 'Football' players in the USA, then those youngsters with aptitude will play professionally instead of choosing the sprt with the big money. I met an American Rugby player in Ireland once and we swapped jerseys. Im a Forward and my shirt was skin tight on the guy, his was like a dress on me. Frightening to learn he was the scrum-half!!! I think the rest of the world should be thankful that the US is too preoccupied with pads and helmets to get involved at a high enough level..

England prospects in 6 Nations?

I'm from Australia and even though you have stated that it is expected of Australians. To say that you would dominate the sport is a huge understatement. How can you say that you are the most competitive people in the world?

When if you look at it this way, you only say that because those are the only sports that matter to America. Have you ever considered that Countries that are competitive about their own dominating sports are at the top of their game too?
How can you say that a country that has been one of the dominating countries of rugby for over a century now be put down by America?

Quite funny really, you say that it is both demanding both mentally and physically and then you have players that weigh up to 325 pounds that is only useful for 30 seconds in the game. When in Rugby are needed for 80 minutes non stop with the occasional 20 min overtime.

May I add soccer is a sport that dominates England but yet they still cannot manage to win the world cup and yet they are excellent at their game. (sorry guys, but I'm also English too)

I've played both American Football and both Rugby in America on scholarship at one point. To say that you can dominate Rugby, you have a long way to come. The level of Rugby that you play in America is no where near the level played at even high school level of the game, trust me this is no exaggeration of mine, I've even been to New Zealand too where the level of rugby there is amazing.

To say that the strategies would change is an understatement too. To know the banana kick, the backside turnoff(done by half back), jonny's cocoa, ochrestrators symphony(done by 1st 5 eighth), magic styles and hundreds more, if you were to explain to me what each of those moves meant since you do play rugby I bet you you wouldnt, compared to a highschool fan of rugby in Australia that could explain to me about 1/2 of those and tell me from what player it originated from.

Most tactics arent even learnt off from rugby, but from another sport touch. If you have never played touch in your life, you have a slim chance with rugby that requires tactics every 5 secs in the game.

I like the style of American Football but some of the guys in my team could only last 30 seconds in rugby.

May I also add to a comment someone wrote about sprinters running just under 10secs when our wingers are only a tenth away from the world record too? Anyway some of the fastest sprinters in the game get caught with steroids. it's a shame really.

Is rugby hard to play?

Yes. Of course! That's why they're at the bottom of the IRB score board! And that's only 7s! Actually, I can't even remember if they are even on the scoreboard! I remember watching them playing and thinking "OMG, that guy is actually FLICKING his hair back!" LOL! American's haven't the foggiest idea about REAL rugby. They couldn't even stand a chance at "dominion"! Huh!

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