What are there six of in wellingborough?


Does anyone know of any rugby matches ending in nil nil draw?

Kebab Shops

Do you think that ref had it in for wales today (10/03/07)?

Brain cells.

What date does the world cup rugby start?

Gays in the village?

Hope LLanelli lift the Heineken Cup cos they have been the most entertaining all season. Who is with me?

donkeys per household

What are touch judges meant to do in rugby union?

In Wellingborough there are 6 people under the age of 18 without children. Is that right?

Is there any station on US television that shows the English Super League?

Iron Age hill forts ?

Is it just me or was the ref on 2days wales vs ireland biased?

Easy...It's the 6 up Club. All based around the lottery numbers.

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