Are Romania likely to join the six nations (to make it seven)?

If not why not? Are they far behind? Are they the best european side outside the 6 nations?


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Historically the origins of the tournament was the "Home Nations" i.e, England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales. France joined to make it the 5 nations tournament but was excluded for a few years after fielding professional (paid) players - this was many years ago before Rugby Union changed. Eventually they were re-admitted & it stayed the 5 nations for many years despite Italy growing as a force.

I do not believe Romania will be admitted as it will be a logistically nightmare & far too demanding on players given the already crowded fixture lists of Club Matches, Heineken cup etc etc.

What I would like to see would be a "European Nations Trophy" with the winner of that replacing whomever was bottom of the six nations. Even though the chances are the team "coming up" would finish bottom next year & as such be relegated this would enable the smaller/emerging teams the opportunity to play against the major world powers & learn from that experience.

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I dont know they were close a few years ago but seem to have gone off for a couple of years although now they seem to be doing ok but it is not what you do it is who you know in all sports and so I would think it highly unlikely.

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Everyone laughed at Italy joining but look at this years results.

You could make the championship bigger and bigger but personally it would lose it's appeal to me.

I think we got it wrong allowing Italy in as the 5 nations was a perfect balance and a great tournament. Allow too many in and it will become like the Eurovision Song contest and become a joke.

Establish a new event for the up and coming nations with perhaps a league table so that the bottom side drops out and one of the smaller sides gets in.

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maybe in a few years

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As with all things R.F.U. it will take years for any action to be taken on ideas, Romania aren't alone, teams like Argentina and the Pacific Islands deserve to be part of an extended southern hemisphere competition, it won't happen in a hurry because it isn't a great money spinner. There is an emerging european nations league (very similar to the 6 nations) but we will never see relegation / promotion with the 6 nations because can you see any of the home nations agreeing, especially with Italy now getting better every year. Imagine the R.F.U. if England came in last winning both the mythical wooden spoon and relegation, they'll never take the risk. Althouth the R.F.U. and the I.B. talk about the global expansion of rugby, at the moment it is only happening in the shortened verions of the game (7's, 10's and touch). The money from this years world cup needs to be pumped back in via the emerging nations and not to the super 8 as per usual, they can more than self fund for a few years. More 'A' teams need to be sent to play the up and coming nations to give them tougher matches, you only improve by playing at a better standard.

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The problem if the 6 Nations gets any bigger is that there will just be too many matches, which will cause knock-on problems in the domestic game in all the competing nations. The other option would be a 2-tier system, but I really don't like that idea, as there often isn't much consistency in terms of who ends up where in the final table - the unpredictability is what makes it fun.

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Before the fall of communism, Romania was a force in European rugby, often upsetting France in friendly matches.During the uprising against Romanian dictator,Nicolae Ceaucescu, the national captain and a few other national team members were killed. This set Romanian rugby back a great deal.
Today, Georgia and Portugal would give Romania a run for their money as the next best team in Europe.

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