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Question:Ok so my brother has been a scrum half for 5 years and taught me all he knows and that hes been taught. Now this ref we had today (we had a game) was from our school or graduated from there...he's been scrum half for 2 years both my brother and him starting. Now this ref (the two year guy) was telling me that I have to stay behind the opposing scrum half or I can stand behind the 8 mans feet on the blind side or any brother said I can stand on either side facing the scrum half or having his back to me. I didnt have to be back with the other defenders.which way is right?
Btw...this ref was and is a total douche and refed both our game today and our game yesterday...can he do that as well? You shouldn't be allowed to ref to games in two different days. Two different games in two days that is. Another ref should be brought in right?


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What ever side of the scrum the opposition scrum half puts the ball in - if you are on the same side, the ball is your off side marker.
If you decide to defend the other side of the scrum then your No8's feet are the off side line.

you have to have a chat with the ref at the start of a game.
Whatever he says goes. At lower levels you will find ref's that know nothing about the game, they were too shite to play.
He's got the whistle so you need to find out what he will let you do.

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Well I haven't seen a defensive scrum half start on the right side of the other scrum half, so I'm gonna say the defensive scrum half to start on the left side of the other scrum half. And what a ref told me yesterday in a game is that you actually have to stay behind the ball when it is in the scrum on defence unless of course you steal their scrum. I suggest asking the ref before games because some refs look at certain rules differently than others.

As for reffing two games in two days, I had a ref that worked 3 of our games in 3 days, so I guess its not against the law. Just try to stay on his good side or let the coaches yell at him.
Good luck man

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Scrum: scrum½ putting ball in should stand approx. 1 m. from
the 'opening' between the two front rows, equidistant from each, and put the ball in in a single forward motion along a line parallel to the junction of the front rows' shoulders, so as to strike the ground beyond the width of the nearest prop's shoulders. The opposing scrum½ should stand next to him, on his own side of the scrum, because the off-side line, is the one along which the ball is put in. This applies only on the side of the put-in on the other side (the'blind' side) off-side line is through the last foot of your team. I could go on and on, but that should answer the question. Note, that for a maul or ruck the off-side line is through the last foot of your team.
In closing, before you become too acerbic in your assessment of the referee, could YOU have done better, for a whole game ? Have you read the Laws of the Game, in part? at all? recently? Purchase a copy, you will become a better player.

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