All Blacks Re-Conditioned Players?

Question:So anyone who actually knows about this program Graham Henry had set out for 22 of his main stream AB's.
What do we think of this and also how do you think it is going to affect them having not played as much rugby?


Im trying to find the name of a south african player who played 4 Wigan, all i know is his 1st name is Nick?

We always complain that the rugby boys need a rest. When they get one, people complain. The body needed a chance to recover and build muscle, now it has. But those of you who think it's been stupid, don't worry, I'm sure many of the re-con boys will be grateful for your support and go overseas to work on their pension funds. Good on the coach for thinking outside the square and having the balls to go through with it.

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We have heard so much about only the disadvantages of this program on different television rugby chats, especially how it is going to affect the players during the World Cup which is in September if these people can get their records straight, that we have the impression the All Blacks are all going to collapse soon.

I would say, well done Graham Henry for this program, we saw some of the players back on the field on Saturday 24th March and they all look well, lost the extra pounds into muscles and are obviously fitter.

We cannot really judge the work rate from only one match played. By keeping these players away from the matches, the only thing that can affect them is their psychological side as they have to get back on track, go into contact again and get the body back into a match state.

Personally, I think that it was a good thing to start such a program earlier in the year and that the boys are strong enough to cope.

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This article gives a fairly well-rounded update on the form of (mainly Crusaders and Hurricanes) players coming back into their Super 14 squads this weekend.

Also, if you're outside a country where it's possible to get easy access to Super 14 information then you might want to check out where there's an extended Super 14 roundup added every week (usually the first video on the mainpage). Even if you don't find what you're looking for then you'll at least find some awesome tackles on that site.

To give you an idea of what they've been doing :
It's not easy to see with the naked eye (and a poor quality video) but Carter, Sivivatu, Rokocoko, Gear and Conrad Smith look frighteningly quick!

I'm not convinced that taking players away from their provincial/super14 matches is the key to success in the World Cup but at the same time I don't think it really matter how the All Blacks prepare for this world cup (assuming they do take it seriously) as they're by far and away the most physically capable and skilled team in world rugby right now and only South Africa have shown that they have the individual talent and collective organization required to beat them.

Unfortunately for Ireland, France and Australia, I simply don't think those sides have the kind of skills out back to compete at the final. The packs may reach some form of equality on the field by training intensely until the world cup and players lacking bulk will be on top form but you don't get that quick overnight

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