Adult Rugby teams in the South?

Could anyone tell me where there are adult rugby teams playing in the South? Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville or similar cities is what I'm talking about.


Does anybody know if Martin Hitch ever played Rugby?

A looooooong time ago, my club played against Johnson City Rugby Club.

I see they play in the MidSouth Rugby Union

That site list the following teams under Senior Clubs.

Chattanooga Men's Rugby Club
Huntsville Men's Rugby Club
Johnson City Men's Rugby Club
Knoxville Men's Rugby Club
Knoxville Women's Rugby Club
Memphis Blus Men's Rugby Club
Memphis Women's Rugby Club
Nashville Outlaws Men's Rugby Club
Nashville Women's Rugby Club
Nashville Grizzlies Men's Rugby Club

Predictions for the weekend games? Scotland or England? Ireland or Wales ?

yep- i play in the south in Charleston... here's a link to registered teams with USA rugby.. take note there may be some more club teams listed here that aren't part of the union, but this should cover anyone that plays competitively.

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