A new hooker looking for tips?

do any of you know any rescources for rugby strategy/tips beyond beginners stuff? i have played loosehead prop for 2 years now, and i am now at hooker, and i dont know much about the position. mostl im curious about the actual hooking done in the scrum, should i tap the ball back or rake it back?also with what foot should i attempt to steal the oppositions put-ins with


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A few basic things. gettig the ball back all depends on how the scrum half puts it in. Both tapping and raking back are accepted. Mostly it what works for you. ITs more of a preffence thing. As for stealing the oppents scrum, i have seen it done with the right foot. Basically it takes any where from 2 - 3 years to become a decent hooker. My best advice is to go find an old hooker on a mens side and see if they will help you.

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omg I totally clicked on this question thinking something different from reading "a new hooker looking for tips". Haha, I was gonna say love it before you glove it!

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Don't spit, swallow.

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im a prop toooo! but you should rake it back with your predominant foot, um dont put any wieght on that foot when your crouching nonetheless standing and yeahhh.

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Wear protection.

No really to protect your ears in rugby (what were you thinking you perv)

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