Can i use Nike Total 90 III FG boots to play rugby?

Question:Can i use Total 90 III FG to play rugby with?

do they abide by the Rugby guidlines for the stud types and stuff like that...

do you think i can play a rugby match with these boots?



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Yeah you can wear them.
I wear FG Football boots most of the time.
Just make sure the ground isn't too soft or you'll have no grip.
Keep an old pair of big stud boots in your bad for the really wet days

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Ask your coach, if he don't know he should not be a coach.

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does it have a cleat at the front of the shoe? If so, you will have to saw it off with a hacksaw to use them. If they don't have a spike at the front you are ok.

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Yeah, no problem.

But only if you are a back. Forwards should wear something a little sturdier, as standard football boots offer almost no protection to the foot and if some big lug stands on your foot in a ruck you will know all about it if you are wearing those.

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as long as it doesnt have a toe spike on it, you should be good. if it does, saw it off and make sure its smooth. some refs will really give you a * load of trouble if its rough.

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You'll be fine. In rugby they're more concerned with sharpness of the sprigs. Just make sure they don't look too girly or you'll get it from your team mates

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Sure, they don't breach any guidelines, but they're not really optimal. Plus you had better be able to run very fast, because wearing boots like that will make you a target. Rucking a 130kg (290lb) prop with these will just make him angry, which will be bad for you at the next breakdown.

Keep in mind the forces that are going to go through your body in a rugby tackle, and the impact of not having boots that grip properly (especially if you are the tackler). The more stability and depth of connection you can get, particularly on the fron part of your foot, the better. It also depends where on the rugby field you're going to play - on the wing where you might get one touch and make one or two tackles a game, it's less important. If you're gonna be where the action is, these won't cut it.

If you're new to the game, wear 'em until you can afford a proper pair of Canterbury boots from NZ. They only make boots for Rugby, and make great ones. Good luck, and happy rucking.

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Only if your a back if your a forward you need to wear those boots with the big studs on them

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yep there will be no problem but u mite have trouble if your playing in the front row

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1. Purchase the most recent edition of Laws of the Game for
Rugby Union.
2. Read section which specifies stud dimensions and how each stud is made, diameter, height, etc., as well as materials, attachment to boot.
3. Go to sports store with tape measure and Laws of the Game in hand and decide for yourself.
In the past studs should be worn down in a sort of rounded pattern, i.e. the studs should not be nailed to the sole, since nail heads are likely to become prominent through wear of surrounding material (i.e. leather). When I was an active ref.
I would take a metal file to the game, and following a stud/boot inspection send anyone with sharp edges on his/her studs to round them off ---> re-inspect and allow to play when satisfactory. Furthermore, a single stud at the toe of the boot is not allowed

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