Can ENGLAND win the rugby World Cup in 2007!!??

Question:We won it 4 years ago, can we do it again??

Good luck to England footbal team who play on saturday!!


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dont think so. nz is going to win

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i can't say anytghing about rugby but they will not reach semifinals in cricket World cup 2007

Are Romania likely to join the six nations (to make it seven)?

If England can do it once, they can do it again, of course. England is the home of rugby, it's natural for England to be the champions. Just as with cricket. Just as with soccer.

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I don't believe they can do it this year. Their best team is young and does not have the experience to win a world cup. They still need to fid a centre pairing as Mike Catt and Mike Tindall is one of the worst in the world. However there is some hope for the future of english rugby. Good preformances from Flood and Geraghty do suggest that rugby in england is on the road to recovery but a world cup in august is a step too far.New Zealand to win with Ireland as dark horses if they slip up

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What is the chance that Fiji wins New Zealand in IRB Sevens?

History tells us that any of a number of teams can win the world cup - as its a knockout tournament quarters onwards

NZ are the clear favourites and any team would have to perform at 110% to beat them - but England did do that against France

If England can get through to a semi who knows

New Zealand and South Africa, Ireland and France, England and Australia all have chances

Englands forward pack are still very weak and slow and Mike C and Johnny W are clearly vulnerable to age and injury so England would need more than a lions share of good luck - but who knows

Smart money on NZ from Sth Hemisphere, France from Northern Hemisphere

risk a bet on South Africa, Ireland, England and Australia

When is the best time to visit New Zealand to watch rugby?

No!! New Zealand will win

Where can I watch the England rugby match in covent garden on Saturday?

There is no way they can win the world cup as they lack in certain areas they lack leadership and they lack direction and most importantly they lack ideas.

Is it just me or does Steve Walsh's ability as an International referee need reviewing by the IRB?

no , the all black will take the cup home

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No!! I think it will be one of the southern hemisphere countries.and as much as I hate to say it France looks good

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Hopefully NOT!!

Is umaga still paying for the all blacks?

NO! england didnt win the six nations did they? they suck and wont win! Ireland or New Zealand will win!

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New Zealands squad is nothing without Jonah Lomu, who if nobody noticed retired a long time ago. NZ have been beaten lately by much smaller teams, and I hate to say this but they are not a sure fire winner in this World Cup.

England could posibly win this World Cup but we definately need Jason Robinson, Mike Catt, young Strettle, and Toby Flood all playing well. The key to winning is using the strengths of your team well. Those for me are the key players along with Martin Corry, and if Grewcock is back there will be some decent action from the England squad.

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you are kidding rite?

i think..the favourites is the the ALL BLACKS.
the dark horses are WALLABIES, SPRINGBOKS & that team in blue..chelsea...Opps sory!!...LES BLUES

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Nah! NZ and France are your best bet. Ireland and SA at a real outside push

Who will win the rugby world cup?

This Agility guy must be retarted!
Our only loss (NZ) I mean in a year or so came against South Africa in the tri nations which NZ still won overall. We went over to Europe and completed the clean sweep over there. including France, and Ireland (my 2 other poss winners for world cup)
As for Jonah Lomu you really have no clue on that matter do you?
He was a 1 hit wonder he made a huge impact in the game because NO1 expected to see something like that coming at them where as now people have not only bulked up but also wised up on how to tackle the "BIG" man.
He wasn't even good enough to make a super 14 team this year, shows how much of an impact he would have made in the nz team.
I believe due to Graham Henry's 'reconditioning' programme he played out for 22 of our top ABs we will be extremely hard to defeat all though we are known to choke at the final stages :( as much as I hate to admit that

OH BTW Jonah hasn't retired he just was not even good enough to make even the top teams in NZ anymore

Why oh why weren't the all blacks allowed do the haka today against the welsh?

To be honest - probably not. It was just pure luck for Eng to win - they didn't really play real rugby - they cheated there way to reach the finals by having 16 players on the field at one stage.

But to be serious - England heavily relied on its golden boy Johnny. This move basically marked Johnny for the rest the matches. Now Johnny practical hasn't had much game time - prone to injury - it was ...the golden boy and than what...where did he go after the world cup..its more like...Johnny Who...

But yes the English do have skilled players...but they seem to be aging...the coaching staff should have started developing younger players straight after the world cup.

The English and the Australia team are really made up with similar players.its an ageing team. I think Australia started too late to develop players.

And even thou the All Blacks didn't take it out last time...the development of younger players thru programmes is starting to show real benefits.

Hey we can chat till the cows come home about rugby world cup 07...lets all hope that Argentina doesn't win..

Good luck to all the teams.

When can New Zealand perform the 'Haka'?

Not a hope in hell.

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No chance at all. They might be good enough to win one or two games in the knockout stages, but they just don't have the players to take it all the way. Realistically only New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa are consistent enough to win it.

Any one play?

No. The experience is gone and the newbies aren't up to scratch. I think the ones to look for this year are New Zealand and South Africa. Watch out for those Africans. They have a habit of always being around in the important matches.

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