Can a Gorilla play rugby just like human do. Why not?


A question for Super League (Rugby League) fans who have travelled to Perpignan to watch their team.?

No. They lack opposable thumbs. Plus they keep collapsing the scrum. Mind you, they would be great in the tackle.

What was the score in the final of the 1999 Rugby World Cup final?

I hope you can play ;)

Not all doom and gloom?

My local team has 13 of them playing for them

What was the results of the Ireland vs. New-Zealand Match?

Well they have both got hairy bum's

Who is goin 2 win da rugby world 07 in france?

Well, I wouldn't wanna be on the oposing team!

What are some good exercises to do for rugby.?

Heh, that would certainly be entertaining to watch. I can see them all out there in their rugby outfits, snorting at each other.

Grace to be said at a rugby club dinner?

ask ur dad cause he is one

Home much is a signed rugby league ball worth north east england vs scotland?

Teach and it may do.

Is there anyway to watch tonites Packer game on the internet?

it would be a great tackler and breaking tackles, but would keep collapsing the scrums, and catching, passing, kicking etc.

maybe hours of practice each day would help this.

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