Can i use Nike Total 90 III FG to play rugby?

Question:Can i use Total 90 III FG to play rugby with?

do they abide by the Rugby guidlines for the stud types and stuff like that...

do you think i can play a rugby match with these boots?



Australian Rugby League fans?

cant really tell from the pictures i saw. but the guidelines are basically no toe cleat, ( they are good on this point) and the studs cant not be greater than 21mm (cant tell from pics), and also you cannot have mixed studs ( they have to either be rubber or all aluminum, no half aluminum half rubber studs). and nylon is not allowed,basically they best thing is let a coach or ref see them and let them rule on them. The laws are up to the ref to interpete.

Dislocated shoulder - should I still play?

I've been usin them.

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