Am I the only person who thinks Gavin Henson a good rugby player?


What chanlels is rugby on in the US?

No a lot of people think & know that Gavin is a good player.

He just hasnt played as well as he did when Wales won the Grand Slam & wasnt used as he should have been on the Lions tour of New Zealand.

He really needs to get his head together now to try to get back in the Welsh team & to find his right position to play in.

Where can I listen to super 14 rugby online?


Name seven 4-letter countries?

he is a vain pr1ck

What happened to andy farrel? he crossed codes to rugby union, but not heard anything of him since?

you and charlotte church nobody else

Help me understand it...?

yes! He played kicked 1 good penalty against england and thats all the useless posh * has ever done!

Should Australia, South Africa and New Zealand take their best players on the end of year tour or rest them?

yes i think hes to vain & had bad fake tan!

What was the finals system used in the NRL before the McIntyre system any web address for this thanks?

Yes you are

Sky TV and its lack of Super 14 coverage?

Charlotte you and me ... Gav's mum...

Do you think that South-Africa can win the next World Cup?

James Hook is a good rugby player.

Henson seems to have gone into hiding, instead of competing with case he breaks his mythology.

It's a crying shame.

I am not a rugby fanatic but i must say?

hes only good enough to play with charlotte

Why are the All Blacks (NZ) called the All Blacks?

Yes, u r:)

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