Anyone know how or where i can buy RSR 6 nation Rugby tickets?


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The only place you can get tickets for the 6 nations is through a rugby club.
Sometimes they are on ebay but at crazy prices.
Dont pay any more than face value for a ticket.

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Many of the tickets go through clubs/ hospitality packages. However, some are usually available to buy directly, but this does depend hugely on the match. I'm a Wales fan and was able to buy tickets last year for the Italy and Scotland matches direct from the Millennium stadium. There certainly weren't any for the France match, and there definitely won't be any for the England and Ireland matches this year!

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Try any ticket agents as they ay hae some left , But you will be paying alot for them. Have a look on Ebay but same there , you wil pay through the nose for them.
To many tickets go to the corperate holders and remain unused.

Good luck.

Have you tried the online rugby game at

it depends on which game you want to go and see! and which countries are playing to be honest!

there are a few ways of buying tickets ;o) i have a few already! and they are at face value prices!

as your name is nessy, i am guessing it would be Scotland??

i should be up at Murrayfield myself for the Wales games!

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