Any second row players with sore shoulders?

i played second row for the first time for my school im quite skinny but i did well with the lineouts, and after the game i my shoulders were very sore. Is this because i have just started there?


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yep i started playing rugby at age 17 and still play at 32 years old... (i started playing before we lifted people for lineouts!) ...never played anthing but 2nd row in 15's...I just seperated my shoulder during a line out on st. patty's day- my ac (acromium/ clavicular process) joint. my shoulders always kill after matches. I've been on a pretty regimented recovery plan becasue i work in a rehab clinic with physical therapsits (im a speech therapist). I suggest doing band strengthening exercises - it has made my recovery much quicker and my shoulders feel better than ever. I use a stretchy rubberband strip (i think they sell them in the yoga/ pilates section). tie a knot in the middle and slam it in a door. then do some resitstance lifting your arms striaght infront of you to over your head. do the same from your sides to over your head and also at 45 degrees. You can also do some fly exercises witht he band.

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bro, pain is part of the game but for a second row moreso the shoulders simply because you use it alot more a? Myself, im a winger so i don't do much defense, however my legs and hip usually suffer the most pain! Yes, i do think you are experiencing soreness in your shoulders because they are being utilised more! You may need to stretch your shoulders a little more, warm them up before each match, eventually you'll become more hardened!

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training will lessen the pain. however try wearing two layers to stop the shirt from taking the top layer of skin off when scrumaging. (i don't know if you were wearing two layers)
a good set of shoulder pads will help aswell, however i'm now 34 and still playing second row and yes it still hurts.
stick with it and happy playing

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as a fellow lock (donkey) your shoulders will hurt a bit,
but plenty of training on the scrummage machine and in the gym will build up strength and prevent injury. Also see if you can swap sides with the other lock every other scrum. Another thing to try is instead off trying to cut the oppo in half in tackles (which is good), tackle lower thus lessening the impact on your shoulder. (always nail the oppo at the begaining of the game for a couple of good crunching tackle puts fear in the oppos). Good luck and train hard

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