Any Rugby fans out there? who is going to win the 6 nations 2007?


What position did ralph morgan play for swinton rugby league club?

I would have to say the form team are Ireland, which makes them favourites. France are one of those sides where you don't know which will turn up. If they bring out their French flair they could be unstoppable. Wales, if they play to their potential, can rip sides apart with their open style of play. England have had a poor run of results and have a new manager, but could glue together because of it. Scotland are the dark horses of this tournament, who could create a big upset. Italy will, yet again, probrably finish bottom; but with no disgrace. COME ON WALES!

Should i play it?

ENGLAND, of course....

Karl Pryce Joins Gloucester.?


Who do you think will win the rugby world cup next year ..?

Deffinately Ireland

But great britain are in the tri nations?

I am a Rugby fan and England will win this year!

What's the difference...?

The winner of Wales v Ireland on Sun 4th. My money is on Wales.

How big is Rugby in countries besides America?

Well, the Calcutta cup would do.

Who's favourite to win the rugby world cup?

being mostly irish i would inevitably say ireland, but i honestly believe they have a better chance than any of winning. england wont win. THey have no form and are recovering from the depression andy robinson brought. wales and scotland could threaten but both sides were poor in the most recent test matches. Italy, well, are still no good enough to stand. I think France will be strong and it will be between them and Ireland.

Does anyone know any sites that play live stream Super 14 rugby?


Can shania twain email the song(from this moment)?

Ireland have a good chance France in second

How can i watch super 14s rugby on the net?

Scotland > all of you

Where is the inventor of Rugby buried?

The winners could be either France or Ireland with the wooden spoon being between England or Italy, I would like to see Italy doing well though, as they have improved every year!
Would be a good idea to get Argentina innit and all now, make it more competitive, most of players play in Europe so could be based in Spain!
What do you think?

How did the RFU(Rugby Football Union) mark the opening of the new South Stand at Twickenham ?

My heart says England but my head says Ireland or France.

I reckon we'll at least get in the top 3 this year though, maybe second and there is an outside chance, however small, we could even win. There's always hope I suppose.

Best Rugby running back of all time?

Well personally would love to see Wales win again , but i think its gonna be Ireland this time around .maybe France .

Who has been the best /worst overseas rugby league player to have played in england and why ?

Ireland without any hesitation! ;-)

Any tickets for OspreysV Austrailia Rugby?

I love and support ENGLAND however i think Ireland will win it. They are a good team at the moment, and as long as those cross dressing transexuals for scotland dont win it im happy

Where can i watch the State of Origin(NRL) game in London?

lmao after the all blacks dominated all ur european teams im glad u guys have got over it quickly and hope ur teams can develop quickly before the world cup so the men in black have some competition. for this years 6 nations ima go with ireland under the brilliant leadership of brian odriscoll, the man is the bright spark in the european comp, the man is a legend. i reckon eigher france or wales coming second, probably france. sorry for the kiwi bias :oP

If you know anyone that plays for newport(Gwent) rugby who do you know?

Ireland all the way. Home games against France and England will be tough but they will steam roll Wales, Scotland and Italy away from home. They have a settled, talented and experienced team and if they can't do it this year and take some cracking form into the World Cup then they never will. I predict they will beat France in their pool, meaning that the All Blacks will be playing France in the quarters. Whichever way you look at it, its going to be a tough one for the Blacks.

What are the colours of leicesters rugby club and can anyone show me as I need them for a cake?

Id love to be able to say england but well i dont think its going to happen.
I think its going to france but to be honest i`d love to see scotland win,they deserve some sucess as they are a far better team than in recent years.

Whatever happens its nice to see a good tournament ( well hopefully)

The wooden spoon will defo not goto england.not sure who but not the world champions,maybe wales!!

Why do people always pronounce the word Llanelli (as in the scarlets) incorrectly?

I think France, also if lose bad vs New Zealand, but attention for Italy, that play better than the others but is very distract in the most importants parts of the matches.If will play for 80 minutes and not for 60.

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