Can anybody stop the bulls on their way to the Super 14 championship?

I'm not a Bulls supporter, but their 92-3 annihilation of the Queensland Reds was earth shuddering and gave them home-advantage for the play-offs. Watch out 'Saders!


Here's a joke?

I think the only team able to stop the bulls are the crusaders, if they beat the crusaders they have a pretty good shot at winning it all

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The Crusaders. The virtually all their ABs players back, it's hard to stop them even with the talents of the Bulls side.

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yes the bulls wil be stoped.i think the Sharks are stronger than the bulls this season.the REDS is just a WEAK team.if the sharks dnt take the super 14 the Crusaders will but not the bulls.the sharks has the best combination of youth and experience

Is the all black v france game on tv in the uk this weekend?

The Reds are a weak team. The Bulls wont win.

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Hopefully we'll get an all SA final on Kingspark, where the Sharks will thrash the Bulls.

Can you imagine how irritating those Bulls supporters will get if they actually win, their hardly bearable as it is.

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blue bulls all the way, its gona be a hard game but sharks and bulls in final and once and for all the sharks are gona eat their own grass in the "shark tank"

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