Ashton's 6 nations Team?

Question:What do you lot think of Ashton's decisions thus far?

The inclusion of the just-about-fit Wilkinson instead of Flood.
Picking Andy Farrel.
Dragging back Vickery and Robinson and even Catt from retirement.
Dropping Moody for the first match, etc.

Do you think his tactics will work better than Andy Robinson's? How well do you think England will do, and the like?

Personally I have some reservations about the team myself, dragging back the old world cup winners, while they have experience, isn't exactly investing in the future, but I'd like to know what other people think too.


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Hmmm, not exactly spring chickens are they? Eight of the starting XV are over thirty, and ‘our Jonny’ is actually the fourth youngest in the team. Nevertheless, it does look like an exciting team, albeit not one designed to ‘build for the future’. To suggest Farrell is out of his depth is plain daft. He is one of England’s greatest rugby players (of either code) and has been training in Union even when injured at Saracens for almost two years now. Hopefully, he’ll be used throughout the year to play alongside some of the younger backs that are coming through (Tait, Allen, Flood, Lamb, Cipriani…), and help them into the setup in a more positive fashion than Andy Robinson’s ‘drop them in the deep end and see what happens’ approach. Lund is a good choice in the back row, and will hopefully add a less predictable air to the forwards’ play. Shame Tait and Palmer aren’t in the first XV. Overall, one or two younger faces could have been brought in, but it should be good enough to turn over an injury-hit Scotland fairly comfortably (15 points plus). If Jonny and Farrell click together, then we might even get a bit of a show at Croke Park!

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Seems to be a tad conservative. I would have started with both Flood and Tait. I am not sure about Farrell being an international centre just yet and I can't believe Wilko is quite match sharp yet.

What are your predicted scores for this weekend's 6 nations.nearest to correct scores(for all 3 games) get 10

I think that Ashton has jumped the gun a bit in trying to bring Wilkinson back this early. He has only played 40 mins of rugby in 12 weeks.

As for Andy Farrell think that he will be a little fish swimming in a big ocean with even bigger fish ready to gobble him up.

Ashton for the sack before the end of the 6 nations I think.

I can understand him calling Vickery back as he is a class prop.

Jason Robinson is class as well even though he is getting on in age but is experienced enough.

I think Scotland will be relishing taking on England on Saturday.

Orlando Bloom or Richie Macaw, .?

Well lets face it, they couldn't under perform any worse, they were dissillusioned crap for the last couple of games. Things surely can only get better?

Will England keep the title?

Im feeling more optimistic now we have 2 proven goal kickers on the field keeping the scoreboard ticking over, Charlie Hodgeson was always second string and Goode wasnt much better. Wilkinson is a class act and if he can avoid injury will be awesome again. Robinsons experience and twinkle toes will destroy opponents that havent seen him before, and to suggest Farrel is inexperienced is ridiculous. The man was captain of Great Britain for years on end fer christs sake. I think those who had written us off are in for a surprise now

This is more of a statement but here...?

They are playing against a weak Scottish side.
England have nothing to loose, can't get any worse - surely.
So why not stick Wilkinson and Robinson back in for this game. Flood has had some good games for Newcastle, but chocked for England - He's not ready.
Wilkinson is world class and even at 70% is the best option England have.
Vickery and Robinson were never dragged out of retirement.

It's better than the squad you've had for a long time.
England will still only come 4th if Farrel can't play, but I think he might be OK. There's no one really able to test him.

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I wasn't expecting much this season until I saw the team.
Now I'm starting to get a feeling.

Jason Robinson and Wilko went before their time. You have to try Farrel at least once. You need old heads on the bench in forwards and backs - Catt / Vickery.

The only ones missing for THIS season (not next) are injured. More importantly this is not conservative, it just isn't suicidal. And it creates breathing room for younger guys to find their feet. Unless you want another 3 year 'Tour To Hell'. The last 3 years hasn't taught them much, so it could have gone on forever.

Who likes rugby?

Desperation is awful!!

I think Wilko is a fine player but bringing him back too early is gonna really set him back.

I think England are desperate not to loose in the 6 nations coz when they do no one will let them forget about it... They have developed this Superior attitude over the years and it's a big long fall ahead of them... Personally speaking I'm delighted the rugby nation is in a panic over there..

We have been at the very bottom for years and taken the abuse & arrogance of every English team we've played..we have fought & dragged ourselves to where we are today..& we REALLY deserve it too..We have learned & mastered (to the best of our ability) the changing ways of the game... we adapt to the newer, faster, tougher pace that is set every year...

What does England do? Yes, you do have some extremely talented players over there but they all adapt the English arrogance and foul play attitude.. To win a game of rugby you need to play fairly... I didn't say no cheating coz I've yet to see a team play that doesn't cheat but... the level of cheating done in comparrison to other teams is ridiculous.. They build on the last performance in which they cheated the whole way through... Don't get me wrong... England have mastered the art of cheating...I am sure it is something they cherish...

As for how they will do this year... well you can only imagine my prediction... I think England needed to learn a few lessons in the art of they are being forced...

You can only go up so far before you fall but if you make enemies like England have then you will not be allowed to fall gracefully.

Just before I finish... you're right about the old world cup winners too... it really doesn't give up & coming players much confidence in them selves.. The very basis of the English rugby... You said it...OLD for a reason..

Cheers x

Do you have to be a public school tosser to play rugby or as they call it rugger?

I'm not at all fond of England but surely they can only improve after that humiliating run of losses.

What are international rugby games for this weekend?

It's a bold, not to say desparate move, but it goes to show how awful England have been at 10 and centre recently. Glad Robbo's back, I'd like to see him at 13 rather than the back 3, as his strength is making the first guy miss rather than great speed.

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