Am i a plonker or what?

I`m here trying to tell a story, about how i met a famous "BOXER", could not remember his name, so posted a question on here and asked. THEN, I remember his name...Bill Beaumont....not a boxer at all...he played rugby! Just answer yes! If you think i am a plonker!! And sorry to you guys, who tried to help me out with this one, i a muppet, or what?


Can anyone invite me to aussie torrents?

Yes, but at least you owned up to it!

What do you think of the South African rugby teams chances of winning the world cup?


All Blacks?


Which All Blacks would you take to the Rugby World Cup?


What would the line-up be of a B&I Lions XV on present form (and fitness)?


Help long ?

Nobody is perfect lol.

Rugby Union.?


Who's going to win the super 14?

yes you muppet

Does any one know when the draw is for the table stage of the rugby world cup in September?

Well we all make mistakes. It is late on a Friday night. Maybe you are having a blonde moment. So you are forgiven.

Why is a rugby stand called a stand when really we sit down??

Yes! But we forgive you. x

How much should a pair of heiniken cup final tickets be sold for?

He could pass for a boxer though - don't be too hard on yourself..

Rugby : The Pacific Islanders just played Wales...what do you think of the Pacific Islanders performance?

women ,oh well say no more

South Africa beat England?

No not at all it's an easy mistake to make after all he looks like a boxer.

Do All Blacks cheat?

a plonker and a muppet if you ask me!

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