Best Rugby Boots?

6'2" back row/second row... wide foot 19 1/2 stone.. whats the best boots in your opinions folks?


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i am also 6 foot with wide feet.
get Canterbury brand boots with the trademark CCC logo. they are made for rugby forwards with wide feet. their are many different models to choose. but they are the perfect rugby boot for a big forward.
ive played with them for the last 10 years

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i'm very similar to yourself and any boot i choose, splits within a couple of months. The canterbury boots cater for the individual player but are expensive and break easily, new balance are the longest lasting but are hard to find. The best i found were adidas preditors. Its a surprising result but are very strong and addapt to your foot quickly. For a backrow player who can also play in the second row, or visa versa, the boot is light and provides enough grip if you have the metal studs instead, even in the winter. I have been playing in them for about 4 years and have converted most of the forwards to them aswell, not the front row.
You also look much cooler wearing them and get noticed. lol

Enjoy ;)

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