Can anyone tell me 10 basic rules of rugby?

Question:I will to find 10 BASIC rules for rugby...
It's for my PE project...


What is the web address for cessnock under 14's rugby league team?

1. run to goal line with ball
2. tackle opponent with ball
3. dont drop the ball forward
4. only pass backwards
5.when ball is dropped forward u have scrum to opposition
6. when ball goes out of bounds u have lineout
7. try=5 the u convert for 2 penalty goal=3 drop goal=3
8.when takled players goes to ground, must release the ball. 'ruck' is formed. push players off to get ball, no hands allowed
9.ball can be kicked but not out of bounds on the full or lineout is taken all the way back to where it was kicked
10 play is started with a 'kickoff' from halfway (50m) and the match then lasts for 80minutes divided into 2 halves. at half time teams swap sides of the field.

Any rugby fans follow the ospreys?

Here's my shot at it in no particular order.

For Rugby Union:

Teams have 15 players per side.

You can only pass the ball to laterally or backwards.

No obstruction of defending players is allowed (by this I mean you can't block for the ball carrier as you would in American football)

If the ball is kicked then only the kicker or players that were even with or behind him when he kicked can play the ball or attempt to make a tackle until they are put onside or the receiving team plays the ball, either runs, passes or kicks it again.

If the ball goes out of bounds then the game is restarted with a lineout. The team that throws the ball in is determined generally the team that didn't have possession when the ball went out of bounds, except in the case of a penalty. In that case the team that was awarded the penalty can kick directly into touch (out of bounds) but they will have the throw in at the line out.

After a minor rule infraction and most stoppages in play, such as a knock on (accidentally fumbling the ball forward) or the ball being trapped under a pile of bodies, the game is restarted with a scrum. Pretty hard to be brief about a scrum there are pages and pages that control most every part of a scrum, binding, hooking, unbinding etc.

A try (similar to a touch down in American football) is scored by running the ball over the goal line and touching the ball to the ground inside the in goal area (end zone). 5 points are awarded for a try. After a try is scored the conversion is kicked in line with the spot where the try scorer touched the ball down. So it's easier to convert a try if your team touches the ball down closer to the uprights. Converts must be kicked off the ground (either a place kick or a drop kick, not a punt). A convert is successful if the kick travel through the uprights and over the bar, same as in football. Converts are worth 2 points. You can also kick the ball through the uprights for points, this most often happens on a penalty kick but it can also happen in open play from a drop kick. These kicks are worth 3 points.

Players are only permitted to wear soft padding.

The ball carrier must release the ball once tackled.

The team that is scored on kicks off. (opposite of American football)

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