How would you find the date of a specific thing?

I'm looking for the date of a rugby match between England and Ireland in Feb 1984. It was played in Dublin. Is there some site I can go to to find this info?


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How is this: Wales Dublin 9 - 18 4 Feb 1984
Martin A's game was played in London (Twickenham) not Dublin

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Try reserching it on google.

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England 12 - 9 Ireland Five/Six Nations
Season: 1984 18 February 1984

C'mon Ireland!

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Are you sure you have your info correct..?, if it's a 5 nations match from 1984 you will see from the link (about a 3rd of the way down the page), that Ireland Played England at Twickenham on 18th February 1984.

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on a callendar I would think, thats where all the dates are, aint they ?

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All the England fixtures are listed on this site.

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Wikpedia encyclopedia. Scotland won a grand slam that year.

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