6 nations?

Question:If I was down to my last 10 quid, who should I bet on to win the six nations? I reckon England will be lucky to win more than one game, and Italy as usual will try hard but wont do well... Scotland have been starting to improve and Wales are always a team to beat. I know the bookies favourites are Ireland and France. So is it Ireland, France or the longshot Wales?

Please offer advice, Im down to my last 10 quid...


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If I were down to my last 10 quid I'd bet a trixie of 4 x £2.5 unit bets on the top four finishing positions at the end of the tournament with the following scenario for the end table:

1. France
2. Ireland
3. England
4. Wales

Given the current odds, I'd expect to win between £375 and £612.5 and I'd use the proceeds to bet on France beating the All Blacks at Stade de France in the Final of the 2007 World Cup.

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Who cares

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If you are down to your last 10 quid you should probably not gamble it away.

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If Wales beat Ireland then they will win it

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Hi uitlander! Jammer daar's geen blou bulle daar op wie jy kan bet nie?
I agree,not England. I'd say Ireland

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I think Ireland have the best chance, personally I think they are second only to the All Blacks at the moment. I'm welsh and I don't think we'll win it!!

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The defending Champs are gonna win it and Ireland does stand a small chance but still France will be too much!

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Think its gonna be France ...

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ireland and the frogs in the final.my moneys on ireland.

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