Am I the only one to think that BBC sports commentators are bias?

Question:As an Englishman who loves his rugby, I looked forward to the 6-nations Ireland -v- Wales match this weekend. And what a cracking game.
But it was ruined for me by the one-sided commentaries. You would think that the Welsh won the game, when they trailed nearly all the way through.
In the end, I turned the commentary off, and enjoyed a really good game. But do we pay £130 a year for a licence to listen to such rubbish?


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I have to agree! I think Jonathan Davies is one of the greatest No: 10s to have played rugby, but his commentary was appalling! He was so biased to Wales it was untrue (not that it help!)

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was Gareth Edwards commentating?...he`s unbelievably biased

HOOK, yes, But ALUN WYN had a stormer as well!?

All I can say is look at Eddie Butler. Once a proud Welsh man but he too is bias - oh look England are getting a hammering but if they score 1 try every second they could win! If you listen to the same match you will notice that Jonathan Davies hardly said anything - even Keith Woods admit we should have a penalty! Wales trailed by 3 point through out until the last quarter. Wales had all the posses ion but we failed to turn into points!

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No its your choice to watch or not to watch. Super league strts tonight so start watching super league it is far more interesting and the video ref gets it right usually unlike the wilkinson try farce. Not only was he in touch, he dropped the ball before grounding it. One further point is if he is such a good player why does he get so many injuries and tackled so often. I'm English but he will never be Barry John will he. He won games single handed and no one could touch him. After the game his hair was not even out of place and he never broke sweat. Then off he goes Monday to Friday to work to earn his living. When Johnny can do all that then I will say he is a good player but he will never compare with Barry John.

No I'm not Welsh I am English but living in Scotland.

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You're right, I turned the commentary off and what a game. Some really good rugby and a pleasure to watch.

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All of Scotland agrees with you on that.

Did you catch the pre-game? Ireland v Wales, so of course they're talking about England's game on Saturday. Idiot called Johnny Wilkinson, 'Hammer of the Scots'. Was he trying to be offensive or just too chuffed with his own cleverness?

Scots pay the same licensing fees. And for that pish.

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I know this is different but I find the Daily Star bias, i'm expecting today a big article about England vs. Scotland (2 pages) and a small article (in a corner) for Wales vs. Ireland and Italy vs. France. The same happens for every England game I ain't being anti England but I thought the Daily Star is a UK paper purchased by England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

I never really listen to the commentators

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Even the great Lord himself, Bill McLaren, could be a touch Scottish at times. Human nature will come to the fore every time!
I also think there is often a tendency to favour the underdog in Rugby, as in most sports (eg a smaller team that 'defended stoutly' for the whole game are often said to deserve a draw!!)

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to dont panic

How can you call jw an idiot? he was and is one of the top number 10`s in the world!

Does he not deserve any credit then? oh yes sorry i forgot he is english. He does not ask for all the attention that he gets its just that england have played shite since winning the world cup and its looks like we are getting back to some sort of force to be reckoned with.I think alot of the negative comments he gets are from people who are jealous and would love to have some real talent in there team

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