Based on the weekends' results, what's your 6nations prediction?

Mine is that Ireland are likely to lose against France next week, but win it overall, Wales coming in second, France third, England fourth, then Scotland and Italy. I fancy Scotland actually, but their physical form seems lacking (and the English were lucky the Scots hit self-destruct again)


Who should win the rugby world cup and who will win?

I'm with the first answerer with regards to Johnny being fireproof but I've got everything crossed for an Irish grandslam. I can keep the faith! I am pretty sure that Italy will languish at the bottom, with Scotland just ahead of them (more's the pity), but maybe England will surprise us. The toughest game to watch will be Ireland against France next weekend. If the Irish squad can evaluate their weakness before then, they will bring it home good and proper!...

How can I find a rugby club in my city?

Must be England. They are allowed to get tries from the video referee even when Wilkinsons foot is in touch and he drops the ball prior to grounding it!!! Okay I'm a synic but I live in Scotland, am English but go for France.

Greatest Rugby 7's player?

i still belive that wales can win!!!!

Calcutta Cup.?

France and ireland to go down to the wire - england if they can keep Wilkinson on the field 3rd

scotland have a ton of heart but no size at all - best they can hope for is to dick italy

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