Are you super sleepy today?

Or is it just me; YAAAAYYY COLTS!!!


Is chad micheal murray hot?

Yes i am ......... I live in the UK and stayed up until 3:00 this morning to watch it z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z.

Where was rugby made?

Most definitely, this cold weather we have here in Michigan makes me want to hibernate!

From which colour jersey did the Penrith Panthers change to the 'chocolate' colour of the late 1960s?

I tried to give it a chance last night, but the adverts all the time totally ruin what could be a good sport.

It's the only game we get to see live, and it lasts almost 5 hours.
If we had a version where they just got on and played with out all the nonsense I'd watch it.

What kind of ball do they use ih the game of rugby ?

i was a sleep yesterday, lol i slept through the game, didnt miss much, watched taped at friends house, it god awfull.

Rugby Vid Help?

was super sleepy watching it what a boring stop start game
"hay lets put on helmets and tight pants bend over and slap each other on the * and run around a field throwing a ball to each other"
get of the rugby forum
you fool

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