Cannot kick further than the 22metre line?

Hi my son is a fly half but he has a problem as he cannot kick from any further than the 22metre line and as he has been playing on a full size pitch for two seasons now he would really like to build up some muscles in his legs but does not know what sort of things to do to build them up. If any has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


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I played outside half for many years and was an accomplished goalkicker. Distance kicking is more to do with timing that anything else. Obviously there is a requirement for strength but that comes with age rather than forcing muscle development. At the age of around about 15 I could regularly kick goals from around 45-50 yards but that is down to practice, practice and more practice.

I would suggest your son figure out a routine and stick with it, practicing his goal kicks from well within his range until he gets regular success, then moving back by the odd 2 or three yards every couple of weeks. It's best he doesn't have more than about 15 kicks at goal each training session because he will find his muscles at the front of his lower leg (in the shin area) tighten and become very uncomfortable thus preventing him from practicing for some time. Ideally he should practice about five times a week. As the months go by there will obviously be in improvement in range and accuracy and that is all that a goalkicker wants. Former Wales and british Lion Neil Jenkins is from a village very close to me and I am told that he would go to his local rugby field every night without fail with a friend who would return his kicks. Look what happened to him!! Good Luck and I hope this is some help.

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Just let him practice and try making your run up longer. Also general fitness work might help, because it may be fatigue. When i took on the fatigue problem, it changed me, and i am now kicking from the half way line of our age group.

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Bacchus is right. The key isn't in leg strength - look at David Beckham's toothpick thighs and then consider how far he's capable of kicking a ball.

The vital ingredient in gaining distance on your kicks is timing and technique which comes from practice. The same goes for passing - a bodybuilder can't pass a rugby ball further than a well trained scrum-half, however miniscule he might be.

I would suggest that you get your son in touch with someone from the senior team of your local rugby team (assuming there's someone there who can kick goals) and persuade them to spend an hour with your son. In my experience, place kicking is about understanding the importance of that last (big) step before striking the ball. The body position is essential to the point that when the ball is struck, one usually doesn't even have to look up to know where and how it is flying.

Good luck.

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it's all about technique and timing, just look at Craig Warlow from the newport gwent dragons, he ways 10 st soaking wet, just tell him to keep plugging away at it it'll come

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Maybe take up ten pin bowling.

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