Am I the only person who thinks France will beat Ireland (six nations)?

Honestly, this Ireland hype is out of control, for a team which has proved very little. France (second best team in the world on their day in my eyes) by at least two tries for me, especially now the coach seems to actually understand that selecting the backs in their natural positions might work!


Who is number nine on irish rugby team?

I think it will be a very close game, but France might just win it. Whoever wins, and I hope it is Ireland, will probably win the championship. (I'm English by the way!)

Have Ulster ever won an away match in the Heineken Cup other than in ItalY?

All i can say is, we'll just see about that!

Rugby Tips?

bull s .h. i .t munster never mind ireland could beat france.triple crown. i think ur in denial u stupid frog (assuming ur french if not im sorry for labeling u as a french pansy)

When does the six nations start?

you have no idea No-Ide-Ear

Can you explain the difference between the 's' and the 'th' sound?Quickly please, I'm in a hurry.

Me too. My team is Ireland I'm hoping that they emerge as a champion this year. But I have this feeling that France is a much better team. Man to man, France have very strong line up . Basing on their performance for the last 4 years they are very good.

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Do you want to reframe your question after this weekend's result?
The one thing I would say about Ireland - married to an Irish lass, and loving my rugby - is that Ireland, be it football, rugby, whatever, if they are not well ahead by half time, they stand a good chance of losing.

But I will still put my Irish flag out when they are playing against anybody but England.

Can the Jocks say the same thing?

To answer your question; I think Ireland will struggle. But I think, after this weekend, that they are capable of winning. Omg, I hope so!

But at the end of the day, isn't watching a good game of rugby so much better than watching over-paid football players rolling around the pitch?

Was anyone else, like me, horrified by the playing of the French national anthem at the Stadio Flaminio?

I think France will be way too strong for Ireland, up front and in the backs.

However if the Ref is as inept as some we saw last weekend then anything could happen.

Does Gareth Jenkins at the Scarlets have the longest coaching record at a club with 24 years at the helm ?

i think its reasonable on any given day

depends if the french hold it together or play like the french can (badly)

I am picking that ireland and frnace will duke it out for the title with england running in third (italy last)

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France have the advantage in the forwards but not in the backs as someone claimed in an earlier post. It'll be tough for Ireland to beat the French, but only an Irish person can understand what it means to play in croke park. So don't underestimate it.

I'm tipping Ireland by a few points. I suspect they will do a job on Chabal who was really impressive last Sunday and try to limit their losses up front. Looks like Boss could play for the injured Stringer which is not a bad thing. Let's hope O'Driscoll is fit. Anyway it promises to be a great match.

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I think Ireland are very lucky to be going through a period of strength in terms of the players available to them, just at the time when these new laws depower the scrum. I say this because Horan and Hayes are far from world class props and it's rare that a team is great without a great front five. Granted, in O'Connell Ireland have one world class second row but Donnacha O'C and their entire front row (with the possible exception of Flannery) aren't as good as their French counterparts.

talking about 'containing' Chabal is elementary. I personally believe that Chabal is an excellent player and with Vermeulen, their first choice 8, injured, he would be the logical choice to select there. Elsewhere in the backrow France have so much talent that it's hard to find the right mix and the same goes for the second row, even with Pelous out (in fact possibly moreso).

The French backline, particularly Jauzion and any of the five or six world class wingers they can select from, is extremely dangerous and with Skrela looking very solid at fly half I seriously think that Ireland will struggle to find the space they need to set O'Driscoll and Hickie flying.

The France Ireland game should be a good one but as I've said since the beginning of the Autumn, this Ireland side has a lot of work to do if it is to be considered to be a team capable of mounting a serious attempt to win the Web Ellis Cup.

My prediction : France 35 Ireland 25

Who is goin 2 win da rugby world 07 in france?

Honestly.. All this hype about Johnny W.. is outta control too.. I agree that he is a fantastic player but I really feel he has been brought back too early.. I really hope to god he can stay injury free this season...

Now, as for the Irish...We may well loose to the French but I don't think so..France may well be rated as 2ND best but that doesn't mean that they will beat us..

I think your fear is for England when they loose to us...The Irish are on a roll heading up.. England are at panic stations coz they don't have a team...

They have some quality players but they don't have the passion & heart that most other teams have..

Cheating to success in past years has caught up with England... I would rather loose honourably that win disgracefully

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They look like they are the only team who have a chance of beating them. I think they will beat Ireland, but Ireland will win over all.

Leia, I'm no England fan, but to say they have no team and are at panic stations is rather naive. For the first time in years they have a fit squad to pick from and are looking pretty good - unfortunately.

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definately not mate. it hurts me to say this because i am an england fan but i feel france will win the world cup. it will definately not be new zealand cos they do the same thing every world cup wherby they are awesome before the world cup but they dont have what it takes to win it.

Can the FIJI sevens team win the IRB title again?

yes u are the only person!

I need some help on the basics of Rugby.?

YES YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!! Munster not to mind Ireland could run rings around 'France' any day..and the english have no hope either...

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I agree, you can never write of France. I think they will beat Ireland. I also think England will go onto win the six nations, as although not the complete package, they once again believe in there selves

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France is a better team i agree.

When's england next playing (rugby union)?

this ireland hype is nt outa control who do du think u r?? dont u think the johny
wilkonson hype is more
outa control u hypacrit
or howeva u spel it
and dont be soo negative for gods sake!!

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am all for FRANCAA OO YEA

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