If America was to become a Rugby nation instead of football do you think they would most definently dominate the worl cup? honest answers please. Ive been and assisten helper for the 49er's and the Raiders, and if you guyz want to talk about the most top shape individuals in the world...The NFL most definently has em. The difference watching them on tv and in real life on the sideline, youll capture how trully fit theses guys are, even those big linemen...hold up!! those guys might seem fat big, but no way there like big sumo guys mix muscles. I personally think if America was to become a rugby nation we would dominate.


Anyone know how or where i can buy RSR 6 nation Rugby tickets?

in terms of height, speed and power america could potentially dominate over the current top rugby playing countries BUT there are other attributes that are needed - rugby requires endurance speed and strength as a lot of ground and work is covered between each breakdown - so it would depend how much the americans could physically adapt

then there is the skill base - rugby is highly skilled and takes quite a few years to learn these skills - this is often show by the fact that even rugby league converts struggle with rugby.

Given the best coaches from existing rugby nations and maybe several generations in whihc the best american athletes could play and learn and adapt to competitive rugby at the highest level yeah america would have a good chance - if they start now maybe about 2050 we will see a decent squad!

What are the words the crowd shout after "and sent him homeward" in the rugby song 'Flower of Scotland'?

It's not just physical conditioning that determines who wins at rugby. Remember, we're talking about a sport controlled by laws not rules. Those players are nuts! A line of scrimmage is nothing like a scrum where shoulder blades and collar bones routinely get broken. In football a bone gets broken by accident. I think the USA would work it's way up and take it's turn winning just like other countries. I would love to see it happen because rugby is played on other days of the week besides Sundays and that would add lots of fun to the week.

Leeds gained five points from a Heineken Cup game v Calvisano - why was that controversial ?

First off, rugby players are more fit then NFL Players. Secondly, we Americans suck at rugby, always have, always will. Cold hard facts, sorry.

I was asking if GB were in the tri nations this year as someone says they where not?

We wouldn't be anything close to the ABs, but if it was as big as football, we could be a power to be reckoned with.

What is northern irelands international rugby team called??

IF you became a rugby nation, then why not.
Of course the guys who play Pro Football are fit and strong.

I don't mean to have a dig, but I tried to watch the super bowl at the weekend and the advertising totally ruined it.
The same would happen to whatever became the biggest sport in America.

Unfortunately for the rest of us any international sports you guys do compete in you are always up with the best.

I need brown and white hooped rugby jerseys, in sizes from child to XL adult. will fir a large?

America+rugby=hopeless! they would never ever dominate the world cup it will allways be the mighty kiwis that win it!

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