Any rugby players out there?!!?

I am a girl and I play rugby. not a lot of ppl out there know about tell me why u LOVE rugby like me!! :D RUGBY"S THE BEST THING OUT THERE!! Nuthing's better than pulling biatch's hair and clawing their faces..hehe and it's totally okay. :P


Looking for info about "Sam Tucker" played from Bristol early 1900s. Can anyone help?

I agree- and you can have a few drinks with the other team afterwards! That is why it is popular- the nastiness is on the pitch (a bit like gladiators) and other players are respected (or you might get a clout) and everything can chat about it after the game.

Who won the rugby challenge cup last year?

Yeah girl! I play too, three years now but I'm taking a season off since I blew out my knee hooking (inexperienced prop collapsed during a scrum and trapped my knee, it hurt like nothing in this world). Although I have to say I've never clawed a girl's face or pulled out hair, it's dangerous play for a game that's already has enough aggression.

Karl Pryce Joins Gloucester.?

Rugby is the next best thing after father xmas. I really enjoyed my rugby and the best thing about it was that I got paid to do something I loved. I don't play rugby on a professional level any more but I do still enjoy throwing the ball around every now and then.

What do think of the prices for tickets for the rugby world cup?

This are my priorities in life
and breathing

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