Anyone know of a site where I can watch live rugby games on-line for free? or download old games?


England v argentina rugby viewing?

Given that a rugby match lasts 80 minutes, not many sites offer full games for free, however you can get some classic matches on google video or youtube.

Here are some particularly good links to a couple of awesome matches as well as soon good quality highlights :

France v New Zealand 1999 World Cup
One of the best matches played in recent times and probably the best match ever played at a World Cup. Both sides were outstanding and Dominici's try around the hour mark is truly outstanding as it shows how a game can turn on the bounce of a ball.

Barbarians v All Blacks 1973 Cardiff Arms Park
It's worth watching the first ten minutes of this video for 'That Try' alone - it's Gareth Edward's finish but the footwork of Phil Bennet at the beginning of the move and the exemplary support play of Bevan and the BaaBaas forwards is a lesson to anyone who plays the game. One of the best, if not the best, games of rugby I've ever seen.

Australia v New Zealand 2000
The best Tri-Nations match to date - it has everything, pace, power, attack, defence and plenty of suspense.

These are the only three full length games I've found on Google Video but they happen to be three of the best games I've ever seen and are well worth watching again.

For some classic running rugby tries, old and new, visit the BaaBaa's video gallery at :

And last but not least, go to
Where you can sign up for and watch Total Rugby TV. Right now the service is a little thin but I know that during the 2007 World Cup in France there will be near-live commentary on all matches along with video highlights. I'm going to be doing a large part of the English highlights and from what I've seen of the quality of images accompanying the highlights i've been training on, the service is going to be outstanding... plus it's free, all you need to do is sign up. Watch this space as it will evolve very quickly over the course of the year and there are already video highlights of the U19 world cup.

The BBC (not renowned for having good quality online video and audio) currently have three good quality "Highlights 2006" videos available for free in their rugby section at

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It's not for free, but not that expensive if you look at the per game cost. The Rugby Channel. It's the primary viewing source for Americans.

On which channel Rugby matches showing in the middle east?

I watch some of the games on the links posted by Diarmid and they are pretty good. I dont know where to look though, the best thing I can suggest is to order them online or try downloading full matches on through a peer to peer program like torrents.

Rugby league first four point try?

If you want to download full length games, I'm afraid the only way is use "eMule". It is a free software.
I have downloaded more than one hundred games.

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