All girl rugby team?

i want to join the all girl rugby team at school and the coach said i need to gain eating lots of bread the best way to go?


Will the Pacific Islanders rugby team be successful at their European tour?

No! The best way is to eat protein meals and lift weights. More specifically heavy weights focused on major muscle groups. Ten pounds of flab will not help you play rugby, ten pounds of muscle will. Squats are they best way to build rugby muscle. They build inner body strength and leg strength. Just start with lower wieght and build it up as you figure out how much you can do. Do those and three to four other leg lifts on Mon. weds. fri., and lift arms and back on teus. thurs. No weekends. Just make sure when you leave each time that the muscle group you target is tired. not dead, but tired. You will see strength gains in about two weeks, so up your weights. If you stck to your program, you can put ten pounds of muscle on in around two months. Good Luck, and stick to it.

Name the rugby captain that's got the following victories on his CV. All in season.?

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Why do they say it takes leather balls to play Rugby?

I didn't really think there was a minimum weight; smaller people are an asset on a team. As far as the weight goes, eat lots of protein, and do squats!

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