A girl's first rugby game?

I have my first rugby game tomorrow... any tips/things from experience/words of support I could use so I could calm the butterflies or maybe be a little less afraid of breaking a bone? thanks much!


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No fear. Go ahead.Feel the first line.

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just listen to ur teammates advice and you will do fine, they will help you out as much as they can

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the butterflies are a good thing, it's part of our biology to be nervous before something like a match. the day you aren't nervous before a match is the day you should hang them up.

it's going to be difficult at first, but you must not play tentitively. when one plays half-***, that's when he or she is most likely to get injured. tackle low with your head up, and be confident your fitness and coaching will take you the rest of the way. most of the injuries in rugby are cosmetic because the speeds and angles of collisions aren't nearly what they are in football (i.e. no blind-sided blocks and few tackles come from the blind side). so your bones are probably safe (except the nose perhaps).

but you know what, if it were easy, everyone would do it and it would be called soccer.

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I remember my first game! To be perfectly honest you'll absolutely cack yourself no matter what until you settle into the game... you'll probably play your best rugby in the second half once you get a feel for the game and have half time to calm yourself...

Your teammates will def bail you out whenever they can... they'll all feel like it's their resposibility to look after the rookies.. if you're a forward then getting into the rucks is really important... it'll give you confidence AND it'll keep your teammates safe... if you're a back.. you'll be able to tell alot from your first proper run... remember if you know you're going to be tackled... make sure to incapacitate as many of the defence as possible. if you can... turn into the tackler so your stickin your rear end into her and offload to your support...

GOOD LUCK!! (and be proud of them bruises! you earned them!)

Why is American football like rugby but with all the padding when rugby is a much tougher and dangerous sport.

Get "eye of the tiger" on your iPod, that'll sort everything out.
Maybe lead into it with some Baywatch.
No-one wants to peak too early

Just have fun!

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rugby is a great sport and the worse you fear th game the more it is going to hurt so just dont worry about it and go all out

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Don't tense up or freak out when you give or receive a tackle. Just give in to the ground and pop back up. Much like a modern dancer would do when leaping from low to high. Think of yourself as having a tough but graceful body and you'll do fine. I am only 5'2" 110 lbs and I get tackled by big girls all the time ... they usually stay down long after they've tackled me. The worst thing you can do is linger on the ground. If you watch some of the best players you will see that they play smart not hard. You'll be fine as long as you can imagine yourself as a well rounded smart athlete.

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Remember: (i know these are basics, but you will probably be called on at least one of these-all rookies do them!)
*Always stay behind the ball!
*Let go of the ball when you are on the ground!
*Throw backwards!
*Look before you throw!
*Don't be afraid to go into contact... HARD... your teammates are there to help you! the harder you attack on the first hit- the more afraid of you THEY will be! :-)
*RUN FORWARD... not sideways!
*Enjoy the adrenaline rush and Party like crazy afterward! You really won't feel the pain of the hits until the next day

people will probably be yelling at you and pulling/ pushing you to wear you need to be- don't take it personally

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Tip: Commit. When you get on that field, that's the only thing you need to remember:
If you need to tackle someone, commit to the tackle, commit to recieving each pass, catching each ball, giving chase when a teammate kicks the ball, and KEEP TALKING!! Communication is extremely crucial for any team, talk to your teammates when there is a hole in your defence etc. etc.!!

Do that and you will show your team and the other team you are AT LEAST competent as a player.
Have fun gurrl, remember:
Go hard or go home!

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I remember my first rugby game, damn was it nervewracking!

But all you need to do is calm down. Just remember that everyone is out there for the same reasons as you, to have fun and play the game. Play to the best of your ability and don't be afraid. Remember to run low and take tackles low and stay onsides, you don't want to lose points on penalties.

Also, really important because a lot of people do this during their first game: Do not EVER turn your back on the ball! You never know when the other team will take a quick penalty while your back is turned and score. So just watch it on those. The best way to avoid this is to avoid penalties, but definitely go everywhere by back pedalling so you know nothing is going to get past without you knowing it.

Just remember: Relax and have fun! Rugby is a great sport.

And hey, I won my first game so that makes it even better [=

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