5'2 110 lbs. How many of y'all (guys) would it take to lift me above your head?

It's for a stunt in cheerleading. I'm flying for the first time and I need to know how many people of average stregnth it would take to do this stunt with me called flatback where the flyer is held above the heads of the bases, their arms are completely outstretched and the flyer lays stiff as a board with her back on their palms. I need to know how many of y'all it would take to do this stunt with me and how difficult it would be to support someone my size. Thanks!


Will Hull or Bradford be able to stop St.Helens winning the Super League Grand Final this month?

I could easily lift you and hold you over my head - you're pretty small and light and I've lifted stuff bigger than you before. It all depends on how still you can hold yourself (if you fidget or squirm I might drop you)

Which sport do you prefer... RUGBY or AMERICAN FOOTBALL?

It's not that hard. I can do that way too easily, but that's because I'm like 6'7'' tall. You're too light.

Has the glasgow v ipswich rugby game been cancelled?

two strong or At least four weak

Who will win super 14?

im 6'4" 225, and I could easily do it on my own.

If CO2,helium,O2,normal air is put into a rugby ball what is the result on performance of ball?

i can lift you im 5'7 and 150 pounds

Can anybody translate the ALL BLACKS "HAKA" and it's meaning?

You RARELY see guys doing any cheerleading. When I played basketball in high school I really didn't pay attention to the cheerleaders, but then again when they did kick-@$$ stuff like pyramids I really turned my head. If a guy can't hold you above his head, he's a wimp and needs to inject steroids. If you have 2 wimps on your squad, there ya go, Flatback away!

What advice do you have for a flanker/8-man playing college women's rugby?

take about 2 wimps or one of me, i have weight training and 110 is not that hard to lift

League players going to union?


England v Scotland...should they bother turning up, it is a long way in the minivan from Scotland?

why is this question in the rugby category?

I don't quite get it...?

1 or 2 guys could lift you. And WHY is this posted in the rugby section? Just wondering!

Joost Invite?

I'm a 5 ft 3 rugby girl and I could lift you with ease... then drop you after 5 minutes.. but still....

two girls or boys. just for stability!!

Good Luck.

Merry Christmas!

Why aren't there two separate categories for League and Union in the Rugby section of Answers?

Well we lift them ion the rugby lineoouts with two people. It depends how high you want to be lifted and how. If you want to hold legs then it will probably only take two or three. However if you will be standing on hands I suggest at least 4.

Which Rugby League did team-mates Andy Farrell and Jason Robinson use to play BEFORE they joined Union?

easy, but if you're thinkin about lineout lifts its completely different, we use thumbs up the bum for the rear prop which wont be all that pleasant in cheerleading

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