Build Speed,Stamina and Endurance: RUGBY PLAYER:?

I'm rugby player, winger-back. I just need speed, stamina and endurance. I need to build them for the Michigan Tournament all next week. As a winger, I sprint long distance and through out the game, sprinting is the key but my speed, stamina and endurance are a factor.


Anyone know what channel state of origin will be on?

As a fullback i run field sprints and suicides. I usually team up with one of our wingers or someone around the same speed and stamina. Start from the tryline and sprint out to the 22 and back then your teammate does the same when he gets back go to the 10 meter line and back do this for the entire field and if you still arent tired do this both up and down meaning hit the opposing tryline twice and work your way back until you hit your nearside 22. This gives you the feeling of running quick and long bursts with a little time to recover like being in a game.

Another excercise that most professional teams are doing is what we call ABC's. In a 10 - 15 meter area place three cones in a line. The middle cone is A the cone behind you B and the cone in front of you is C. Lay face down while looking at cone C, get up and sprint backwards to cone B when you get there hit the ground get up and sprint to cone C hit the ground and sprint backwards to cone A hit the ground and get up... Thats one rep, we usually do 6 at a time then run a lap and do 6 more... this will get youre legs into shape quickly but not quick enough for this weekend.
Good luck in the tourney

Being a deprived American, rugby is a little new to me. How is the game played?

for a winger i highly recommed that you run on sand if possible as it develops certain muscles that arent used when running normally and will also help to increase samina and endurance

skipping also adds explosive starts and agility to your game
weight training on hamstrings adds real pace

hope this helps

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