Briefly tell me the rules and scoring scheme of Rugby !?

list down a couple of ur fav teams too if i might add!


Im 6'5'' 225lbs, whut position could i play and would i be a good rugby player given my size and skills

Rugby league

basically you have 6 tackles untill the ball has to change teams so most players kick the ball on the 6th tackle. you get 4 points for a try, 2 points for a conversion that the kicker kicks after the try and 1 point for a drop goal.

My fave team is NZ but in Engalnd, they are, Bradford, Leeds and St Helens. In Union my fave team is the All Blacks.

Leicester beat Munster, unbeaten home record gone, What's the Irish view?

Brief will be tough, but here goes. I am referring to Rugby Union, not League.

Essentially rugby is a game in which many of the rules enforce equal access to the ball by both teams, continuous play, and safety.

The person with the ball must be the 'lead' person on attack, any team mate in front of him is offsides and cannot make a play. Same thing when a player kicks the ball, all players in front of him are offsides until put onsides by him running forward. (there are a bunch of caveats to this.)

Tackling is done by grabbing the other player around the body (below the line of the shoulders) and dragging them to the ground. You must wrap the other player up and pull them down, not just launch a shoulder into them knocking them over.

Once tacked or having tackled someone you are out of the play and must make the ball available for others to play. Almost all playing of the ball must be done while you are standing on your feet. (again, there are a couple of exceptions)

All passing must be backwards to a player behind you.

Rucks and Mauls form when in play players lock into each other from opposite sides and try to physically force the ball forward, or push the other team away from the ball so you can then attach again. (Rucks are after a tackle, Mauls are when the ball carrier is still on his feet and the teams lock on to him)

Play is started with a kick, a scrum, or a lineout. (Kind of like a jump ball in basketball, only from the sideline) Scrums are what you see when everyone locks onto each other on the field and one team feeds the ball in from the side.

Trys are scored when you place a ball on the ground in the try zone. (crossing the line doesn't count, you have to actually place the ball on the ground) It is worth 5 pts.

Kicks from the field of play are worth 3 points when kicked through the goal posts - this can either be a kick after a penalty, or a drop kick on the fly when attacking.

After every try, the scoring team can attempt to get extra points with a kick from a place in line with where the try was scored ... this is worth 2 pts.

I think that is the majority of the rules. You can find the lawbook online - try - they have all the laws available.

How many players are there in a rugby team ??

try= 5
drop goal=3

Isn't rugby the sissy version of American Football?

Here is the link to a clip called Rugby 101 that explains in simple terms, how rugby is played. It is from youtube.

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