Cricket rugby dilema?

why do rugby players wear shorts in the winter (when there season is) and cricketers wear trousers in the summer (when there season is)?


Has any1 heard of the band Super Garage?

Rugby = More Beef = More Action = More Heat ;-)

Who won the 2004 President's rugby trophy in Sri Lanka?

Because Rugby players are real men and don't feel the cold, cricket players have to protect their delicate legs from sunburn.

How can I find out if my father is still the youngest person to be capped for Yorkshire in boys rugby league?

Their not there.

Rugby is faster etc, would not be practical to wear trousers etc with all the running and think how muddy and heavy they would be.

And think how horrible it would be for the ladies to have to look at all the spindly old legs during the cricket season compared to a rugby players thighs.

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