Can anyone tell me what are the rules of rugby???

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed help


Who will win the six nations?

Basics: 15 players each side.
2 periods of 40 min.
pass ball backward
Tackle only the ball carrier
To score a try (5 pts) put down the ball at the ingoal of the oponent side. his give you right for a goal kick (2 more pts)
penalty kick you can go for goal kick aswel (3 pts)

If you want detail go to

Can you give as many rugby rhymes(lyrics) as you can?

Look up the rules on, the game is to complex for me to explain everything to you.

Wen's the nxt New-Zealand All Blacks Rugby Game?

It's alot like the childhood game of 'Smear the Queer'.

Rugby In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada??

the english rugby is played with two teams and a rugby ball you can only pass the ball backwards and the whole point of the game is to get to the other end the pitch and score a try by placing the ball on the try line when this is done you get a chance to get more points by kicking the ball infront.If you drop the ball infront of you then a scrum takes place the scrum players push againts each other untill another player grabs the ball the scrum ends and the game carries on.

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