Anyone fancy a game of rugby this weekend?

Apparently Ipswich are short of hookers


How did the term a Gary Owens come about? And where did it come from?

urghhhhhhhh, right your in for such a beating on saturday young man. x

What is thebasic rules & regulations for game Rugby .Could be kind enough to educate me on this game.?

i love rugby. play for my high school

Does Rugby...?

perhaps some hookers on the streets will be able to help out.

just in case u were wondering, that was NOT a blonde remark from an uninformed girl, it was just an answer, 'coz ur question is very vague.

mind you, i love rugby, and there's not much that u can tell me about it that i don't already know...

What is your favorite rugby team?

I would love to donate blood this weekend? What you need?

After the Six Nations what are the predictions for where teams will finish in the World Cup?

not funi!

Place to watch Rugby in Chicago?

You want us to trade sex for money in Ipswich?Pass!

Are Wales playing international rugby on the weekend of 17th Feb?

I think this question needs to be asked on craigslist.

Rugby apparel?

don't forget ya crash helmet, and padding.. oops i forgot its rugby not that pansy US football...

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